Flex and C# Communication (Tutorial)

While waiting for Apollo i decided to check out what can be done with flash on the desktop today.
I`ve never been into microsoft programming but found out that it`s extremely easy to write your own wrapper for swf files in c#.
This gives you the opportunity to write your own Zinc like projector tool. As a start i implemented simple file I/O and a way to start and play cds.
The coolest thing i was able to do was to include microsofts speech recognition and make my flex application react to speech.
The app is quite simple but cool! I have a button on stage and if i say “left” it will jump to the left or if i say “green” it`s text becomes green.

I decided to write a small tutorial about how to embed an swf file into a c# project and how the communication works. Well this is my first public
tutorial so be patient. I had several dificulties:

– english is not my native language
– how to describe things and make them understandable
– how to show code in a nice way

Well i think i failed in coping with all of those challenges :-(

Anyway if i find the time i want to extend this article to the point with the speech engine.
If you want to help me i would be very interested in suggestions and corrections.

Check it out here.