!!! Please note that you have to uninstall all previous versions of RichFLV before updateing because I had to change the certificate !!!

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  1. Question – this looks great, but one option I would LOVE to see in this would be that ability to TRANSCODE (avi, wmv, etc) to FLV.

  2. On Firefox, WinXP SP2, 1GB RAM, Pentium 4 2GHz I get this message.

    “This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.”

    Good Luck!

  3. Hello i just recieve an error mesage like this when i try to download.

    (This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.)

  4. yeah, i have windows xp with service pack 2
    using the firefox and it says
    “This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.”
    just like what yeahright and ole said.
    did this work for anyone?

  5. Thanks for providing your application. Maybe you could help me with a little project. Do you know of a quality-free-standalone application to play .SWF files? Both, Microsoft and Adobe make life a little difficult for unskilled persons like I am. ¡I hated Gnash because I not even got an executable after downloading it!

  6. Martha – Try SwishMax.

    Also- I received the above error as well – I’m using IE7, not firefox.

  7. Ah ha. Go to ADOBE and download Adobe Air FIRST! After that, you will be able to access applications like Rich FLV.

    The error/bug is that the download DOES NOT automatically download AIR as well.


  8. Got the same message about unable to install because misconfigured. Tried in both Firefox and IE. Is there a way around this problem? Thanks

  9. One suggestion:

    When a cuepoint is added, it should be added at the time where the playhead is, instead of at zero…

    Great work !!

  10. Having a little trouble. I have a flv file that I pulled off of youtube. I have two versions of it, the normal quality version (about 3.5MB in size) which opens fine in your program, and the high quality version (about 9MB), which hangs at 100% read, and 100% analyzed. Any ideas?


  11. Hey Brett can you give me a link or the file so i can check?

  12. Argh, looks awesome.

    I have the same problem as Brett (hangs at 100%). My flv(s) come from the Adobe free Flash Media Encoder 2 with the default parameters.

  13. Hey Brett & Francois,

    I have a much more stable version nearly ready. Just don`t find the time to polish it right now. It will for example work with Adobe Media Encoder and FMS generated flvs much better because it now handles variable framerates correctly. I really can`t say when i`m able to release it (if ever ;-).

  14. It’s great but I can only cut on the keyframes…

    Is there a way to put the sliders where I want or to add manually a keyframe…



  15. “””It will for example work with Adobe Media Encoder”””

    Great, thanks! (I wonder if it is because of the vp6 format for these flv(s))

    I really hope you will release it in my lifetime, if you need a beta tester don’t hesitate 😉

  16. Same ere, 100% Analyzed then hang? I need you software cause the flv file I have here can only be read in AIR so far. Big thanks all the way for Malaysia!

  17. @kin: Is it possible for you to send one of the files that is not workin? If so i`m sure i can help and make it work.

  18. This app is great and works perfectly for FLV files captured with my Digital Rapids live encoding card. However, it only supports the On2 VP6 codec and not H.264 encoded FLV files. Any chance H.264 FLV support will arrive in this awesome application?

  19. Hey Jeremy,
    if you mean H264 video packets in an FLV container that should be possible. Could you send me an example of a file you would like to be able to process?

  20. Hey, great software, but I am having a problem with the sound when playing FLV videos to edit. The problem seems to be your software –Quick time (with Perian) plays the sound for the same flv files fine (but, of course, I can’t edit the way I can in yours). In RichFLV the sound keeps cutting in and out, or just out. And it does it at different points in the same video each time, so different parts of the sound get played or axed each time. Any ideas?

  21. Hi! I am loving it… thanxx, also please let me know if there is any kind of training manual available for using this, right now im just hitting and trying… but its working reall well… Thanxx once again… BOL.

  22. @fredrik: Could provide a file which shows this problem for testing?

  23. Very nice.

    Is it possible to have multiple points within the same video to cut and stitch back together?

    I have noticed that some video’s that I have tried to edit, the ability to select the starting point of the video while it is playing is in-operable.

  24. @frederik: What is the source of your flvs? Because it certainly does not happen with all files so there must be something special with those files. If you want please contact me (benz (@) richapps .de) to sort this out.

  25. It would be even better, if it actually converted to formats that you could use. ie. iPod, Zune, etc. Why would someone want to convert a flv file to jpg or png ? Doesn’t make sense. Good start, but needs to be developed more.

  26. @Ryan this is not really a program for end users. It`s purpose is to help web developers which work a lot with flv files to save some (encoding) time. So these features will not make it into the app – there are other which do just that…

  27. Hi ! I’ve successfully edited a flv file of a bit over 100 mb but it seems that the app doesn’t work for larger files (over 200 mb). It simply stops at “…% reading”.

    The flvs I’ve tested are from the same (reliable) source.

  28. Thank you so much!

    This is the perfect tool for me. I have been looking for a simple flv editor for months, and this is the first one that does what is promised to do. Thanks again!

  29. I’m having the same problem as Mara…

    Every time I import a video over 500mb it stops reading and closes the app. Any ideaS?

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