My take on sequencing Cairngorm events

I`m working with Cairngorm in nearly all of my projects and I like it because it somehow forces me to work structured. But there are some things that I don`t like or don`t get. For example sequencing of Commands in Cairngorm is done by subclassing SequenceEvent and putting all the logic for which event comes next directly into the Command itself. By doing so the command looses a lot of reusability. What if I want to use the same command outside of a sequence chain?
I would have to code two commands – one for the sequence and one that lives on it`s own. The other thing is that when i fire a cairngorm event from my view i have no way to know when the corresponding command is done. Only way would be through some sort of state variables in my model that keep track of the process. I believe that this approach is quite fragile because sometimes you might have to commands of the same instance running and you`ll never know which of same changed your model. And a model with hundreds of state variables just doesn`t look clean to me.
I lived with all these problems for some time know and never really thought about forking the original cairngorm framework because I like to work with the original framework to be safe for future changes.
But now I just can`t live with these problems anymore – so here is my first try into improving this stuff.
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Cairngorm for starters

I`m in the process of exploring the cairngorm framework i collected a lot of useful links that i want to share here:

this list will be updated as i continue my exploriations.