Come on germans go to MAX Milan!

What`s this? Benelux leads in Max Milan registrations? What!
Ok ok I know for a long time now that these guys are a bit smarter than us germans but does this have to stay like this? Although I cannot go this time :-( I encourage everyone who has the chance to do it. Last year was really great and even if you think you know already everything there are so many other reasons to go than just learning. Here are my top 3 reasons:

– Meet the people that actually build the stuff that pay your Bill. This is my biggest point. It´s so cool to talk to the actual brains behind the products I use every day. I`m sure Adobe will ship some engineers from the headquarter over to Milan.

– Meet other cool developers. Last year I met a lot of interesting people that i`m still in touch with and which just broadens your horizon. Something which is espacially important if you`re a freelancer which works on his own most of the time.

– See the really really cool annoucements first. I`ve heard of some very cool stuff they are going to show. Some which might be quite unexpected.

So no excuses – grab Serge Jespers discount code –  convince your boss to get you a ticket and go there!
Especially if you`re not from the Benelux area :-)

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