Flex 4 is Awesome!

Started my first serious app with Flex 4 and i can`t tell how much I enjoy it.
Have not heard so many AHHHS, WOW, F$%CK Yipiiiiiiiee from myself while developing for quite some time.
Don`t really want to add to the fake HTML 5/Flash is dead discussion (have not yet seen a year without this talk :-))
Only thing I can say is that great tooling and proved frameworks really matters to me…

Flex 4 – I love you!

Screenrecording app with AIR 2.0 Beta

Yeah yeah it`s been a while….

But here is something I just have to show. I guess you`ve all played with the awesome AIR 2.0 Beta so you know about the NativeProcess class and all the options we have now.
Basically the only thing you have to do is google for some cool cross platform command line apps and build a nice AIR user interface and you can build beautifull and powerfull desktop apps.
So one of the first things I tried was something that was on my wishlist for the flash platform for a long time – SCREENRECORDING!

This app records the users screen and encodes it to flash friendly mp4 files with h264 video.

Check out this screenrecording of my screenrecording app :-)

I really plan to write an article about how to do this but i`ll never promise anything again :-)

Berlin finally gets a Flex Camp

badge_vertical_highJune 14th (My Birthday by the way ;-)) Berlin (Germany) will get a completely free Flex Camp organized by the Berlin Flex User Group (Flex Labs).
Whether you want to enjoy free presentations and hand on coding session or just come and celebrate my birthday this is definitely the place to be.
Remember we don`t have a Max this year in europe so this is something you should not miss.

Confirmed speakers are: Andre Michelle, Thomas Reppa, Dirk Eismann, Cedric Madelaine, Duane Nickull…

You can`t imagine how much energy the Berlin Flex User Group puts into this event so please show up and make it a success.
I can no longer accept that the Belgiums laugh about our small community :-)

Get the details here: http://www.flex-labs.de/flashcamp

Thanks to Flex Lab for organizing this!

Ahhhhh! And very short notice but well worth it. Tomorrow May 27th they have Andrew Shorten talk about Catalyst and Dirk Eismann about BlazeDAss.
Check out the details here: http://www.flex-labs.de/blog/2009/05/2705-designdevelop-meeting-update/

Gumbo Tips #1 FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication

I`ve not posted for a long time and it seems it will stay like this for a while as I`m hands down in work :-(
However I`m using my spare time to get up to speed with Gumbo. My learning project will be a new version of RichFLV (not saying that it will ever be ready :-)). So i thought I start a little series with small things I found while converting projects from Flex 3 to Gumbo.

Here is a first really simple one:

Application.application is no longer In Gumbo we have FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication instead.

I know you should rarely use Application.application because it reminds too much of the old devil root but sometimes it`s needed (or?)
For example if you want to create a popup and you create it not in the root of your app or in a non visual class in Flex 3 i would have done
something like this:


now in Gumbo you could use this


Some info about this change can be found here: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Spark+Application

BTW can anyone recommend a good code highlighting plugin? 😉

Loading/Playing mp3s without round-tripping to the server

One of the cool new features of Flash Player 10 is that you can load files from the client without uploading them to the server.
The only limitation is that you`ll only be able to access the raw bytes of the file and there is no way to find out the filepath (see problem discussion here). The problem is that until now we cannot pass mp3 bytes to the sound object or the netstream class so there is no easy way to play mp3s locally on the client (without first uploading them to the server).
So here is a solution that uses the old trick of generating a SWF file in memory which contains the mp3 associated with a linkageId.

Check out my solution here
bild-7Note that some mp3s might not work as the Mp3Reader class is not very optimized but it should show the general steps to chieve the goal.
Let me know if it`s useful and if you could make any enhancements.

Next we`ll look into how to load two mp3s and mix them and save them as a wav (PCM) file.

Thanks Adobe! I`m now a community expert :-)

I got a nice surprise in my email and i`m really honored to be a Adobe community expert now!

Developer Logo
While i`m not yet sure what this really means i`m know it means i should kick my ass and get this blog running again.
I was really lazy with posting here the last months because of a lack of time and the frustration of this blog being hacked.
However i`ll do my best to post a bit more in the coming months.

RichApps has been hacked :-(

Oh well now it happened to me too :-( Richapps was hacked by some turkish political group.
Can anyone explain to me why they do this? So the current status is that i could save the blogs entries and comments but all attachments are gone.
I`ll try to fix some of them but I`ll not be able to recover everything. Let me know in this post if you need something urgently and i`ll try to fix it.

To all the aggregator readers a big apologize! I`m not sure but i`m afraid all the reimported posts will show up again and waste your aggregators.
I`m really sorry for this but i`m out of control on this :-(

For all you Hackers go get a live – for gods sake do your games with big corporates but not with me! There are better targets.
Maybe if you loosers stop doing this you`ll even find a girlfriend or some other joy in your life. I only feel sorry for you bastards.

JavaFX released = what a disappointment

Today Sun oficially released JavaFX 1.0. I was really looking forward for this release but I`m really shocked how bad it actually is. This is purely from a user point of view because i haven`t done any development so far.
One of the biggest problems of Java has always been the install experience so I thought they would do it perfect this time but not so. I think I have never experienced a worse install experience as for the new JavaFX. I went to the sample page http://javafx.com/samples/ and selected one of the samples. First there was nothing happening just a blank screen, then machine freeze for about half a minute then nothing. Went back selected a different example – machine freeze and after some minutes i finally got a window telling me i need to install something and that it`s untrusted content WTF. Ok installed JavaFX and thought now it should be all fine. Select a sample again and now they finally load. It takes unbelievable long to load. I always thought the Flex SDK is big but if this is just unbelievable. Ok when the app finally, after some screen flicking loads it`s unbelievable unresponsive. I really expected JavaFX to be blazing fast compared to Flash Player but it`s just sluggish and feels like good old applets.  After that bad experience I wanted to finally see something cool and checked out the more promising examples. First video playback. What`s cool about this is that it can handle flv files! Really nice! But it`s slow. The video playback stutters extremely on my machine (New MacBook Pro). Went on to the next killer feature example. Dragging an mp3 player from the website to the desktop. Well I couldn`t figure out how to do it :-( Tried to grab and drag every pixel but it just did nothing :-(
The other strange thing is that everytime you scroll a page with an JavaFX applet the applet just disappears.
Seems like they have to disable the applets while scrolling for performance or something but this is just insane.

This really looks like a JFX flame post but it`s all just out of disappointment. I really had high expectations but now they are all gone. I think if you missed the RIA train like SUN did and then take so long for the release you have to make it perfect. Well this is not the perfect release they would have needed IMO.
I really really wanted SUN to succeed with JFX because to me it seemed the only possible alternative to the Flash Platform but seems like I just have to rely on Adobe for a long time (which is not too bad ;-)).

BTW seeing the JavaFX logo and the FlexBuilder logo on my desktop side by side I really hope SUN gets sued for this. It`s just shameless and maybe hints at how innovative they are (not).