Merge folder on Mac – AIR utility app

I switched 2 months ago from a windows machine to Mac and as propably everyone would say I will never go back. I was on PC my whole life before and looking back at that time I know think I made the switch too late but better now than never :-)
The only little thing which I don`t like is that there does not seem to be an easy (none terminal) way to copy a folder into a new folder and just merge the content. The only option seems to be to delete the target folder and replace it completely with new content. Well I haven`t really looked that much for a solution so if there is a handy trick please leave a comment.

Anyway this i one of the reasons I love AIR so much! It`s just so simple to create little utility apps that can make your life easier. It just took 10 min and now I have a little app that does just that merging folder content :-)
You can select a target location and then drag all the files you want to copy into the app and it will tell you which files already exist and will be overwritten. You can then deselect the ones you don`t want to be overwritten or you just go on and merge the folders – replacing the existing files in the target location with the copied ones.
Again this might be a totally overkill app because I just can`t believe that there isn`t a hidden command to do just that on the Mac but anyway it was fun to build this…

[flashvideo filename= /]

Download it here. (Be care full and use on your own risk as it can overwrite files on your system! )
Source is included (right click the app)