Adobe Digital Editions == Apollo App?

While MAX is asleep i just downloaded Adobe digital Editions from the labs. The installation is extremly easy – exact the same thing as the express install feature of the flash player. Right clicking on the app shows that it`s flash. Than i downloaded an ebook and this came as a pdf! So we have the first app that combines pdf and Flash. Adobe just calls the technology a lightweight rich internet application – no word of apollo. Maybe later.
Check out Adobe digital Editions at the labs.

Janus = New Offline Tool for Flex

While waiting for Apollo check out Janus. It`s a tool similiar to zinc but on the first look much more stable and powerful. Currently it`s in beta and you can download a trial.

  • Janus let’s you create powerful multiform .NET 2 Windows applications adding a huge set of ActionScript 2/3 packages.
  • Project settings are stored in a manually editable XML file.
  • Janus supports skins and re-skinning at runtime.
    Skin-Builder tool distributed with the application.

Adobe Flex™ and FDT™ users:

  • Janus compiles your projects as external tool from within Eclipse IDE.

The interesting thing is that it seems that Janus first was a project in the MDM space. A while back there was a beta forum were an application was listed called Rebus. It seems that this has now become Janus and is now independent from MDM.

Anyway i have a feeling that Apollo will soon be in the labs (do i hear MAX…)