Splitting BEX into several tools

I have developed BEX as far as i wanted for my diploma thesis. One thing i realized is that the server side stuff like generating the swf, merging components and analysing MXML files isn`t such a hard part. The problem is the component framework. For testing purpose i`ve rebuilt some of the containers from Flex like Box and DevidedBox. But for BEX to become useful it will need a strong component base like flex. I think i`ll wait for some open source-frameworks to arrive or 8Ball as i thing this will change some things in component development.
Until than i plan to take some parts of BEX and release them as seperate tools.
Here is what i have:

A Class Analyser (analyses as classes and tracks down their functions, props, events + metadata)

A basic SVG2SWF converter (it will really be usefull when 8ball comes out)

A SWC-Merger (merges several SWC`s to one file and looks for dependencies and such things)

A Media Injector (injects images or other types of external content into a swf which than can be accessed by a identifier like @embed)

I think some of these tools especially the SWC-Merger could be great additions to the MTASC universe.

I would like to get some feedback on how you would use such tools so i can make them as developer friendly as possible.

Could become a great year!

I`ve just received the news that this little blog has been added to the macromedia news aggregator!
That will hopefully motivate me to update this blog more regularly. But no doubt i will. In 8 days i will be finished with my final thesis and there is a lot of stuff in it that i will release here. Than i need to find a job and did i missed something – flash player 8! So as the title says i`m sure this will be a great year.