RichFLV NextGen Tease

Man time is flying by – it`s been too long since I talked about how I was working on the next version of RichFLV :-( Well you know the story –  too much work no time bla bla…
But this time it turned out quite cool. My work at allowed me to combine my private fun with work. For our publisher application we needed some functionality from my new RichFLV app mainly the speed and memory improvements. So I was able to work on it and most of all test it a bit more.
I can not reveal much more before we present the publisher at Devoxx in Antwerp but it looks really cool.
Here is a screenshot that reveals some of the new functionality.

BTW if any of you are going to Devoxx let me know! I always feels a bit lost between all those Java Nerds :-)

Vote for Video!

As a follow-up to a previous post i`ve posted a feature request for screensharing in the Flash Player/AIR bugbase.
If you like it please make sure to vote:

And if you have not done already please also consider voting for this one: (byte access for NetStream/Video)

I`m not sure if all this stuff is worth anything because I just checked the votes for FP-5 and it seems to be in the top 10 but still priority is zero and it`s not even under investigation :-(
Anyway keep voting – Change is coming! Yes We Can! If we make enough noise we`ll get it 😉

Enough noise! Let`s get visual!

After the really great campaign “Adober, make some noise” by Andre Michelle, Joe Ebert and Kai-Philipp Schöllmann I think it is now time to look at long missed important update to the flash video capabilities.
There are basically two thing that I really miss (for a long time now :-()

1. Accessing raw video data . Accessing the bytes and setting the bytes of a video stream is really needed. Something similar to the new SampleDataEvent and extract methods of the Sound class. I would love to generate and manipulate videos in memory and give the resulting ByteArray directly to the Video object.
Until now I have to load the flv twice, One time to load it as a Byte stream to manipulate the bytes and then another time to play it. There are hundreds of use cases for me. The two most important are: Video editors and dynamic language support for videos.

One post of Tinic Uro makes me confident that they`ll look into this. He said:
“What’s missing? Unfortunately some features did not make it into Flash Player 10: Extracting audio data from a microphone and extracting audio from a NetStream object. We are aware that both features are highly desirable, but for various reasons it was not possible to make this happen in this release.
Tinic Uro May 14 2008

So yes opening NetStream would be exactly what I need.

2. The second big feature I want in the Flash Player (or only AIR??) would be screen sharing. This is something that currently can exclusively be used by Adobe (see Connect) but is not accessible by the normal developers.
This discussion is going on for years now and I think it`s finally time to come up with a solution. I know that one of the problems is that you need the connect addin but this should be solvable. I mean pacifica will also need an addin so why should this not wotk for screen sharing? Or even if they just enable it for AIR apps only I would be happy.

Any news on these topics would be great!
And if you also think this is a needed feature please vote here:

Come on germans go to MAX Milan!

What`s this? Benelux leads in Max Milan registrations? What!
Ok ok I know for a long time now that these guys are a bit smarter than us germans but does this have to stay like this? Although I cannot go this time :-( I encourage everyone who has the chance to do it. Last year was really great and even if you think you know already everything there are so many other reasons to go than just learning. Here are my top 3 reasons:

– Meet the people that actually build the stuff that pay your Bill. This is my biggest point. It´s so cool to talk to the actual brains behind the products I use every day. I`m sure Adobe will ship some engineers from the headquarter over to Milan.

– Meet other cool developers. Last year I met a lot of interesting people that i`m still in touch with and which just broadens your horizon. Something which is espacially important if you`re a freelancer which works on his own most of the time.

– See the really really cool annoucements first. I`ve heard of some very cool stuff they are going to show. Some which might be quite unexpected.

So no excuses – grab Serge Jespers discount code –  convince your boss to get you a ticket and go there!
Especially if you`re not from the Benelux area :-)