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Man time is flying by – it`s been too long since I talked about how I was working on the next version of RichFLV :-( Well you know the story –  too much work no time bla bla…
But this time it turned out quite cool. My work at allowed me to combine my private fun with work. For our publisher application we needed some functionality from my new RichFLV app mainly the speed and memory improvements. So I was able to work on it and most of all test it a bit more.
I can not reveal much more before we present the publisher at Devoxx in Antwerp but it looks really cool.
Here is a screenshot that reveals some of the new functionality.

BTW if any of you are going to Devoxx let me know! I always feels a bit lost between all those Java Nerds :-)

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24 thoughts on “RichFLV NextGen Tease

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    I love the concept of the RichFlv app in AIR. Usually, I use Captionate by Buraks and your app is pretty close.

    I couldn’t modify the cuepoint names and each cuepoint was set to 0 when I imported the flv. If I was using an older version, I must apologize for my naivité.

    I am looking forward to your progress. It really looks like a super cool app. I had no idea that you can manipulate the key frames. I hope you get that job in SanFran! 😀



  2. Good work, Benjamin…I think any video format as popular as flv deserves, even needs to have an editor…what if you download a video and want to make changes to it? Or if you want to change the soundtrack? This is a very common situation, and you have given us a tool to solve the problem. Great job!

  3. I just found out about RichFLV (version 4.2), it seemed to be exactly what I needed. But I´m having a problem that makes it unusable. When I try draggind the play head around on my Mac (Leopard), it doesn´t seem to update the video correctly and jumps around, therefore I can´t pinpoint where I want the cuepoints.

  4. Wonderful work Benjamin, look forward to see the new developments. Will this code become open source?
    If so, where can I send a donation to provide you with support.

    If not, will this system be open for licensing into other AIR application, what would be your price? It would be well worth paying for :)

    Thank You,

    James “YogiFish” Herring

  5. Hi Benz,

    When is the update due? I could really use the new version as the old one (4.2 beta?) still has the problem of freezing at 99% when using large FLV files (516Mb!).

    Don’t worry as you know i will still love my RichFLV!

    Do you think this could become an open source project? I’m in if go down that route…


  6. Great job ! I enjoy Rich FLV a lot..

    As an Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 user, I whish that I could integrate Rich FLV features in it, as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Premiere Elements are unable to deal with FLV videos.

    Would you consider creating a plug-in ? MOYEA has done so with FLV Impoter Pro (see : . Yet, the current version of this product is not compatible with Adobe Premire Elements 7.0 .

    Merry Christmas and Haapy New Year ! :)

  7. I’m with Doug . . . can’t wait to see the new version, and I REALLY hope it doesn’t crash on large files like the current version does.

    I do large-scale live events that we need to edit and archive, but a couple hours of video at 800k bitrate . . . we’re talking 800MB or more, and it crashes everytime.

    But it sure is great for working with smaller clips, and it’s simplie enough that I can train non-tech members of our staff to use it.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. The best wish from China,the application is useful and really help me a lot! thank you!

  9. Hi Benjamin!
    Great job on FLVrich. But I am serious issues in making the clipping working.
    I simply want to clip a part of a longer FLV.
    I loaded the FLV video on RichFLV. I can play it no problem as it shows on the screen.
    I then select the part I want to cut at the bottom.
    And then, this is where I see contradicting Youtube tutorials.
    I tried to expert as FLV. Then I play the new FLV and it doesn’t play (and Yes I have giving it the .flv extension).
    Then I tried another way, which is to go to file/save as…and didn’t work either as it just freezes there for ever saying that it is processing to save…

    Please I need help!!

  10. Hey Christian,
    hard to say what`s going wrong. How big is your file?
    It looks like a bug but again it`s hard to judge. Could you provide the file for testing?

  11. I have the same problem, with an FLV I captured using ‘Replay Media Catcher’. It reads, analyses and plays fine – I have lots of RAM which I guess helps. I can set the inpoint and outpoint, and export to FLV – it produces an FLV, and the metadata looks OK when I look at properties in other FLV players. But no player, not even Rich FLV, show any video or audio. They read it in, know how long it is, the play slider moves along…but no audio or video.

    File is 283MB to start – maybe a bit large to e-mail.

  12. I have the same problem. I’m trying to clip a small (6mb) file. Cutting off the end seems to work OK but if I remove the start then I get a file that plays as a blank, silent movie.

  13. RichFLV is hella cool. We’ve been testing it at work to use for an upcoming conference. But does any one know if there is a FLV datarate analyzer? Just an application that shows how the file delivers data over time, when peaks,etc? This would be a very very useful tool. 😀 Anyone?

  14. I have some problems with Richflv:

    1. Importing mp3 to an flv will only if mp3 starts before the start of flv video.
    2. cutting two flv videos and restitching causes the new video to be much shorter than the sum of the two

    for example, if i stich a 2 min and 1 min clips, i should get a 3 min completed flv BUT i get something like 1:40 and all the sound and video plays much faster…………

    some other issues : exporting flvs after more than two or three times causes the export feature to not work properly

    the exported flv will not have video and sometimes no sound……..just a LOT of strange bugs…

    ja …..aber dein App ist insgesamt gut geschafft und es ist nutzbar fuer einfache Funktionen

  15. I am having the same problem the program just hangs saying it is processing File is being saved and never goes anywhere.

  16. Same problem. Open an FLV, cut 10 seconds off the beginning and save it. Open the new file, and everything looks good except there’s no video and no sound.

    We’re almost a year into people asking about this problem, and apparently there is no update/action/solution.

    Have you abandoned this project?

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  18. great app, Rich (cool brand-name too!).

    love seeing the keyframes list.

    any updates planned?

    feature-request: i don’t want my edit points to be limited by existing keyframes (i make my flv’s with few or no keyframes, to reduce size).

    i want to be able to pause the vid at any point, and set in/out points at my pause position.

    suggestion, implement that by generating your own keyframe if necessary, at the instant i click the “set inpoint” or “set outpoint” buttons.


  19. …. your generated keyframe would not be saved to my input file, they would just be temporary for the purpose of the edit.

    might be better to generate them at the instant i export, in case i try various in/out points before exporting.

    another feature request: ability to ‘demo’ the excerpt after setting my in/out points, before exporting.

    -johny why

  20. I can’t seem to import mp3s into the App, it just hangs at Processing 0% Analysed. I’m using RichFLV version 4.2 and i’m using OSX 10.6.8.
    Can you help?

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