Flex 4 is Awesome!

Started my first serious app with Flex 4 and i can`t tell how much I enjoy it.
Have not heard so many AHHHS, WOW, F$%CK Yipiiiiiiiee from myself while developing for quite some time.
Don`t really want to add to the fake HTML 5/Flash is dead discussion (have not yet seen a year without this talk :-))
Only thing I can say is that great tooling and proved frameworks really matters to me…

Flex 4 – I love you!

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5 thoughts on “Flex 4 is Awesome!

  1. >> Don`t really want to add to the fake HTML 5/Flash is dead discussion.

    lol, how refershing to see someone focusing on good news rather than continuing the misinformation and cr*p peddling!

  2. Yeah I can’t wait until I can use Flex 4 in production, just the new state system alone gets a big YAHOO!! from me.

  3. I’ve started on my first flex app (not just flex 4) Flash Builder 4 has made it a dream. A few click, a bit of drag-and-drop, and I have an Admin GUI talking to my back-end webservice. Very very easy and nice

  4. why dont you tell us more on the next Flex Labs UG meeting? Or is your app all secret and NDA? :)

    See you @ Zossener 😉

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