Screenrecording app with AIR 2.0 Beta

Yeah yeah it`s been a while….

But here is something I just have to show. I guess you`ve all played with the awesome AIR 2.0 Beta so you know about the NativeProcess class and all the options we have now.
Basically the only thing you have to do is google for some cool cross platform command line apps and build a nice AIR user interface and you can build beautifull and powerfull desktop apps.
So one of the first things I tried was something that was on my wishlist for the flash platform for a long time – SCREENRECORDING!

This app records the users screen and encodes it to flash friendly mp4 files with h264 video.

Check out this screenrecording of my screenrecording app :-)

I really plan to write an article about how to do this but i`ll never promise anything again :-)

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24 thoughts on “Screenrecording app with AIR 2.0 Beta

  1. WOW, this is fantastic. I am assuming you are using some of the Mac’s core built in services. Cant wait till your blog post :)

  2. Benjamin,

    That is very nice. I just put up the second part of an ActionScript 3.0 Design Pattern catalog, and I was unable to get it working with AIR 1.0. ( so I’m going to give it a try in AIR 2.0.

    Looking forward to reading your article.

    Kindest regards,

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  6. Reporting a Bug – RichFLV 4.2 Beta WINDOWS 7, VISTA

    FLV files open ONLY from within program. “Open File”
    FLV files do not open with “OPEN WITH” from context menu /(mouse right click)

  7. Having just started to take an interest in AIR, I can’t help but be kicking in anticipation at any of your upcoming projects. You’re like the guru in AIR programming, Benz.

    Hope you can share this screenrecording app very soon as it would be fantastically useful for both bloggers and developers.

  8. Nice example!
    I’m playing around with air 2.0 beta and vlc. I was wondering if you are recording to h264 or some other video format first and combine screen-recording and voice later. would be great if you could share the command line you are using :-)

  9. This is something I’ve wanted to do for forever! Well done, man, well done. Feel free to write that follow-up post at any time! :)

  10. I attempted to try this out on windows, unfortunately vlc doesnt accept the command:

    making it difficult to use vlc to record, i couldnt even use cmdprompt to do it, perhaps it just works differently on windows. some updates on how to get it going on windows will be great :)

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