RichApps has been hacked :-(

Oh well now it happened to me too :-( Richapps was hacked by some turkish political group.
Can anyone explain to me why they do this? So the current status is that i could save the blogs entries and comments but all attachments are gone.
I`ll try to fix some of them but I`ll not be able to recover everything. Let me know in this post if you need something urgently and i`ll try to fix it.

To all the aggregator readers a big apologize! I`m not sure but i`m afraid all the reimported posts will show up again and waste your aggregators.
I`m really sorry for this but i`m out of control on this :-(

For all you Hackers go get a live – for gods sake do your games with big corporates but not with me! There are better targets.
Maybe if you loosers stop doing this you`ll even find a girlfriend or some other joy in your life. I only feel sorry for you bastards.