RichApps has been hacked :-(

Oh well now it happened to me too :-( Richapps was hacked by some turkish political group.
Can anyone explain to me why they do this? So the current status is that i could save the blogs entries and comments but all attachments are gone.
I`ll try to fix some of them but I`ll not be able to recover everything. Let me know in this post if you need something urgently and i`ll try to fix it.

To all the aggregator readers a big apologize! I`m not sure but i`m afraid all the reimported posts will show up again and waste your aggregators.
I`m really sorry for this but i`m out of control on this :-(

For all you Hackers go get a live – for gods sake do your games with big corporates but not with me! There are better targets.
Maybe if you loosers stop doing this you`ll even find a girlfriend or some other joy in your life. I only feel sorry for you bastards.

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20 thoughts on “RichApps has been hacked :-(

  1. I recommend getting something else than WordPress or at least removing the “Powered by WordPress” text at the bottom of your blog. These are automated hacks where scriptkids just search for blogs running specific WordPress releases and hack them. I use ExpressionEngine myself.. they have a free core version :-)

  2. You may want to look at Ning. While it isn’t as flexible as a WP site, and is geared more towards social networking, they have pretty tight security from what I have experienced. It’s a good communication tool (has blogging and such), and they handle upgrades (if you don’t request your own code). You can mess with the CSS to get the look you want too. Just a suggestion. Looking forward to checking out RichFLV.

  3. Well that sucks. The ppl run bots that look for apps with known security exploits and deface them. I had it happen to a OS BBS. There are even sites were ppl get digital brownie points for the number of sites they deface. It is pretty pathetic.

  4. Why: because they can.
    They don’t care who you are – you became a victim because their script kiddie tools found your wordpress vulnerability.

  5. God Damn Hackers !! Same mentality as idiots walking through a city park squirting spraypaint on everything they can reach, especially the pretty things !! I wish I knew how to round em up and teach em a good old lesson with a good old ass kicking.
    Anyway, in case you are not aware, The RichFLV installer is corrupt on your site and Adobe’s site. I was anxious to try out your program but could find no uncorupted installer package anywhere. If it will be a while before you get your site un hacked… would you please consider attaching the installer to an email and sending it to me? I’m sure you are very busy and if you can’t find time to do this for me I will understand. However I will sing praises of your programming genious far and wide if you can find the time to send it to me.
    If you get to the bottom of your hack problem. Please let me know where your investigation led and to whom.

    Thank you and keep up the good work,
    Jim Leonard

  6. Sorry to hear about this.

    No doubt they couldn’t string 2 lines of code together instead probably using some exploid in your script that any two year old could take software for to exploit.


  7. How did you know the hackers were Turkish? (I wonder how you knew they were political group?) Do you speak Turkish? I thought you were german

  8. Hey german guy. It was not my intention to offend anyone but when somebody uploads an image of an army to my homepage and writes something in english that says Turkish something Army (Don`t remember the exact wording) then I think i was hacked by some turkish underground army. If you think this assumption is wrong then sorry. If the wording would have been German something Army the I would have written “I was hacked by a german underground army”. What`s wrong with that? Anyway I would be pissed by anyone who hacks me but that does not mean that i don`t like or respect their country.

  9. Hi Benz,

    I don’t get it how these fuckers attack somebody like you, creating something of value for others.

    Your RichFLV is da hammer, besten Dank aus Rothenburg ob der Tauber!


  10. Sorry to hear about the hack.

    Any chance the WavMixer files will get reposted? It’s a popular request!


  11. sooooo sorry they did that to you. :( like you said, they have no lives, they have no souls. we should pity them losers eh?

    my tech friend’s blog got hacked awhile back and he thought he was very secure! so it’s everyone they’re going after, not just you. he’s investigating if running linux or mac with windows virtually inside it will help protect his data, but said he just might run a second machine as linux or mac and have the windows machine totally separate for security. whatever you techies mean by things like that, i hope you find something that works great for you!

    hang in there – we’re all pulling for you! :)

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  13. Hi;

    ? follow I sad your page hacked. I hope you contiune write blog.

    with regards

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