Mix .wav files in the browser with FP10

Another old AIR project I`ve converted to FP10 beta. It`s actually quite crazy that these applications are now possible :-)
You can import wave loops (only tested with 44.100kHz, 16Bit, Mono) – use small loops!. It will internally convert them to SWF files so they can be played. Then it will generate a wave form and you can add multiple tracks, drag`n drop and save the mix to your hard disk – all without server interaction – i love it!

I`ve made a quick screencast so you know how to work with it – see it here.

And check out the application here:

Again not heavily tested – use on your own risk 😉
I have aother version quite ready that also let`s you add mp3 files. It uses the new extract() method of the Sound object to get the raw PCM data. More later…

Cut and edit mp3 files with Flash Player 10

My first test with Flash Player 10 was to convert an AIR project to a browser only version. I choosed RichMP3 as it was the simplest one. I just replaced all File/FileStream instances to the new Filereference and it worked. Ah yeah sure I had to use the dirty hack to load the mp3 from the client (convert to swf > load bytes via loader). All pretty straight forward. Now you can cut the mp3 file see id3 tags and even change them including cover art. You can replace the cover art with a new image Jpeg,Png and save the edited file back to your harddisk. It`s really amazing that you can do this kind of stuff now without a server just on the client:-) The Mp3 reader should handle most of the mp3 files out there but i`ve not tested this a lot so use on your own risk 😉 and let me know if you have problems.

See it in action here

Update: I had some problems running this with the Flash Player Plugin for Internet Explorer. The save function of the FileReference did not work for me only under Firefox. Do you have such issues? It`s really hard to debug without the debugger 😉

Extended FileReference in Flash Player 10 is good but…

… it`s still not quite what I dreamed of. Out of enthusiasm about the new great features I blindly tried to convert RichFLV to a browser only version.
In theory everything is there to build such powerfull browser applications now but the problem is that it seems that there is no way to get the actual filepath to the selected file just the data. I can absolutely understand this because it might be another security concern but this means that you cannot display most of the data a user selects.
For a simple image uploader this might be fine because you can easily create an image from the ByteArray with Actionscript but for example for videos or sounds this is not the case. Yeah I know you can always create a swf in memory and then pass it to a Loader instance but that`s not really cool. So if I would want to create something like RichFLV in the browser there is no way to display the video directly on the client :-(

So please Adobe open up the NetStream Object so we can work directly with bytes on it.
Please vote for this feature here https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-5

I think access to the bytes of a NetStream object would also allow acces to the webcam stream and microphone right? This would be so important and open up thousands of possibilites. And it would be a perfect workaround for the security filepath problem. If we are able to actually do something with the data why would we need the filepath 😉

Just had to get this out before the feature list for FP10 is closed and we I have to wait for another 2 years :-)