Bex and SVG

I`m currently investigating the possibilities of using SVG in Bex.
The support for SVG in Flex is rather lame at the moment, so adding this feauture to Bex would be a killer.

The only working solution i found so far is SVG2SWF.
On their site they show an impressive rendering of an svg image. Unfortunately this is written in python.
So i decided to start my own implementation of an SVG2SWF renderer in java, again using the fabulous libraries
of flagstone.
Expect more on this soon!


Image Injector: Round 2

Ok now i`ve changed the way Image Injector works. Now it works as a command line tool. You use it just like mtasc with the same options. In your class files you can use Embed Metadata just like in Flex. For now there is one difference to Flex in Flex you would write

var image1:String;

With Image Injector you have to use

var image1:String;=”matthews1″

You can than use attach Movie like this:

I`ve included a small example. It`s the modified sample from the mtasc site.
Just run example but and see what happends.

!!! In order to use ImageInjector you will have to copy mtasc into the same directory were
you have the Image Injector.

This is still in early stages. My class parser is not perfect yet. At the moment only the class that
you entered in the command line will be searched for embeds. I will add recursive searching later.
Ahh and your class has to be in the same directory as mtasc as i`m not checking for the classpath
right now. I will add that soon.

Please check it out (at own risk) and report problems.




I forgot to say in my last post that MTASC is a great tool.
It`s a free open source actionscript compiler that does a great job.
Check it out here.

You may also want to take a look at the quite busy mailing list.

Image Injector

Some days ago there was a discussion at the MTASC mailinglist. Someone wanted a tool that injects images
into am swf file. I quickly coded a ugly, dirty app that does exactly that. You can also specify a linkage id
so that you can use the image with attach movie. As i said that was done quick and dirty. I will add more
feautures soon. Any suggestions.

BTW it looks so horrible because it was my first attempt in using the Standard Widget Toolkit.
And it uses the genius libraries of flagstone. Check them out.

The baby is called BEX

Creatively as i am i called my project BEX. BEX has several meaning:
– Benz experiments (name of my old site)
– Better Flex (not meant to be taken serious)
– Be Extensible
– Baby Flex
… or whatever you like. Just needed a name for my package structures!

First post!

Ok finaly i did it!
This blog is focused on rich internet application development. At the moment i`m working at my diploma thesis which basicaly means that i have 3 month of doing what i like most. The subject of my thesis will be something like “XML user interfaces” which in my case means that i try to develop an alternative to Flex for parsing MXML files. I really love Flex but i think for some projects it`s just to expensive. I think for the market that it`s targeted for the price is fine but they left out us Flash developer, that used to work on smaller projects with smaller budgets.
So at this place i want to share what i found out on my way of exploring Flex, Flash…