Visual search with AIR and Papervision

I just did a little experiment with AIR and Papervision. This app grabs all the overview thumbs from, saves them together with the corresponding tags in a local database and lets you search through them. It also generates checkboxes for each tag so you can filter them. The search result is visualized with papervision. Itยดs really fun to type and see all the items fly around and rearrange.
I only have a screencast here for now but I plan to release a simpler version with source soon. I used Ying to record this screencast so the fps is a bit low but believe me it`s super smooth in reality.

Check out the screencast

What I learned from this experiment?
– AIR rocks!
– AIR Sqlite support roocks!
– Papervision rooocks!
– Flash Player performance roooocks!


RichFLV ready for AIR 1.0

Just updated RichFLV for Air 1.0 and introduced some minor feature updates.

1. Edit Metadata:
This was requested for a long time. You can now edit the onMetaData. For now you can simply add or delete custom key/value pairs.


2. Set In- and Outpoints on Keyframes:
You can now set the In and outpoints directly on keyframes. Select a keyframe in the keyframe tab and click on the Set Inpoint/Set Outpoint buttons.


[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”180″ width=”217″ fvars=”appname=RichFLV&appurl=” /]

It`s a bit strange working on this “old” version while already working on
version 2 which is completely different but this may take a while. In the meantime you can check out this video to see what`s coming.

Adobe Premiere in AIR…

… not really ๐Ÿ˜‰ but it`s impressive how far one can get in a few hours.
In this new version it`s now possible to edit multiple flv files and multiple mp3 files and combine them to one flv.
The binary stuff works pretty well but my main problem is the internal preview. It`s really difficult (impossible???) to play flvs and audio files and synchronize them.
Any suggestions?
So the solution for now is that everytime one clip is cut or the audio changes i create a new flv file in memory with all the changes applied and load that back into the preview.
Sure this takes some seconds and gets harder the bigger the files are but still it`s not that bad and you`ll get 100% accuracy.

Check out my screencast of the current progress here


Microsoft MAX like Flex Image View (with source)

Yesterday i installed Microsoft MAX. It`s the first app from Microsoft that uses WPF. I really like it but the first thing i thought was: “This can all be done in Flex too!” I especially liked the way the images reorder when you scale them. So back from work i tried it in Flex. I took the hybrid store example from adobe as a starting point.

You can view the result here.
And grab the source here.

Try scaling the images with the slider on the right and use the Devider and see what happens with the images. Also try to rescale your browser window. It is really easy to do such things with flex. It took about 20 minutes to do this (can you do this in ajax in this time?). It`s really just a rough sketch and if anyone improves it please leave a comment.
What i really like about Wpf is that it will become easier to sell Flex/Flash based apps because soon (when does Vista arrives?) normal desktop apps will look like Flex/Flash apps ๐Ÿ˜‰