Microsoft MAX like Flex Image View (with source)

Yesterday i installed Microsoft MAX. It`s the first app from Microsoft that uses WPF. I really like it but the first thing i thought was: “This can all be done in Flex too!” I especially liked the way the images reorder when you scale them. So back from work i tried it in Flex. I took the hybrid store example from adobe as a starting point.

You can view the result here.
And grab the source here.

Try scaling the images with the slider on the right and use the Devider and see what happens with the images. Also try to rescale your browser window. It is really easy to do such things with flex. It took about 20 minutes to do this (can you do this in ajax in this time?). It`s really just a rough sketch and if anyone improves it please leave a comment.
What i really like about Wpf is that it will become easier to sell Flex/Flash based apps because soon (when does Vista arrives?) normal desktop apps will look like Flex/Flash apps 😉

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft MAX like Flex Image View (with source)

  1. You know what? I thought of that in the shower earlier today. For years I’ve been trying to create a windows look for my flash applications. Now the tide has turned and stuff just looks like it does! Look at the new Windows messenger stuff and the yahoo stuff and the AOL messenger stuff as some examples.

  2. Tried at work, worked fine. A couple hours later I get this error:
    ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property hasDefinition not found on flash.system.ApplicationDomain and there is no default value.

    Both machines are winxp with flash9. I get the same error with the hybrid Store link

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