Rich FLV update to 3.9

Again an update to RichFLV with some minor bug fixes.
Grab it here:

Some good news. While I don`t really work on the current RichFLV version anymore I spend some time to try other (better?) ways to do the flv manipulation. I have a prototype running that will not read all the data in memory. Other than I expected it`s pretty fast and memory consumption is low. Originally memory was no problem for me because RichFLV was meant to cut small flv files (around 50mb) but now I get more and more requests from people who want to cut flv files which are 500mb-1GB big.
So with this new method i was able to cut an flv of 800mb and the memory stayed at 30mb throughout the whole process. So virtually any filesize should be possible. To make a working application out of this I will need to rewrite a lot of the old stuff and this will take some time – which I currently don`t have. So I plan to release a version of it which will have less features but enables you to work with pretty big files. So I would like to hear from you what are your favorite features. Leave a comment and I will try to add the most requersted ones first.

Choose from here:
– cut flv files (this one will obviously be included ;-))
– stitch flv files
– Adding/Manipulating cue points
– extract sound as mp3
– convert to swf
– change the sound track of an imported flv

Let me know

My Session at Adobe Max Milan

This year I have a session at Max Milan called “Complex Data Manipulation With Actionscript 3.0”. The title is a bit missleading because rather then showing how complex it is I want to show you how simple it is ;-)
In this session I want to cover aspects of working with files and streams in AIR and the Flash Player and take a look into how to manipulate those files by using the ByteArray class.
My current plan goes like this:
Overview of how file manipulation/analyzation is used in the Parleys Publisher/Player.
From there I extract some samples that will be discussed in detail (code).

  1. Implementing Resumable downloads
  2. Donwload videos while playing the partial loaded data
  3. Analyzing an flv file to find out keyframe positions – using this information creatively
  4. Loading a mp3 file reading the wave curve – mixing sounds and and save the result as .wav

So my question: Is this stuff interesting for you? What are you missing? What of the above examples interests you most/less? If you`re coming to MAX Milan and if you`re interested in this topic this is your chance to make sure the session will be relevant for you 😉

Sure it`s hard to cover all this in just 50 min but it`s meant to be an inspiring session which gives you an idea of the possibilities and to take away possible fear that this stuff is too difficult – it really isn`t!
If the topic is interesting to you I would love you to register for it!

I had to cancel my presentation due to time constraints which is really a shame :-(
Anyway I wish you all agreat MAX – and i´ll make sure I use my planned session material for some more blog posts.