RichFLV – Fixed XML import

Here is a quick update to RichFLV`s xml import/export capabilities (see post here).
There was a small bug that prevented the exported xml files to be imported again. That`s fixed now.

I know there are still some quirks with the keyframe timeline (sometimes doesn`t update correctly when resized…) but that will be fixed after the OFFF.
Get RichFLV Alpha 2.1 here.

!!! New Version Available See This Post !!!

RichFLV Updated

I couldn`t resist to rush out a new version (alpha 2.0) of RichFLV that adds some nice features.
I will be of to OFFF in Barcelona tomorrow and so i will not be able to work on this for a couple of days.
All this stuff is not tested in depth but seems to work fine. New features are:

– Keyframe visualisation:

The timeline is extended to show were keyframes are located. This is important to see were it makes sense to cut the flv.

– Keyframe precise cutting
If you drag the thumbs for cutting the flv they will automatically adjust to the timestamp of the nearest keyframe in the flv.
Before this it was possible to cut a flv even on intra frames which makes no sense (or does it?). Maybe i will make it an option to allow cutting again on videoframes that are no keyframes.

– Selecting Keyframes via Keyframe Datagrid:


If you select a keyframe in the datagrid the playhead will be set to that position in the flv.

– Export/Import Cuepoint Data with the FLVCoreCuepoints Format

You can now export/import cuepoint in the new Adobe FLVCoreCuepoints xml-format. This makes it easy to save settings and apply them to different flvs.

– Finally fixed the Google/Youtube onMetadata Bug

The problem with importing youtube flvs should be solved now. Everyone who had problems with that could you confirm that?

Again all this has not been tested in depths so this is kind of an experimental update.

Download it here: RichFLV_alpha2.0 !!! New Version Available See This Post !!!
BTW: If any Flex people are at OFFF and want to meet for a chat let my know.

Downloading Youtube FLVs – legal or not?

I`m still considering releasing my RichTube – Youtube Apollo tool to search, watch, download and organize youtube videos.
You can watch a screencast here. The more i think about their Terms Of Use i think that they are just wrong saying donwloading is not allowed because they are a streaming service.
What is the difference beetween progressively downloading videos to the users cache (what they call streaming) and downloading them elsewhere?
Here is an interesting statement from youtube:

What is your opinion on this?

BTW: cool updates for RichFLV are on the way. Quite busy at the moment may take till end of next week.