Downloading Youtube FLVs – legal or not?

I`m still considering releasing my RichTube – Youtube Apollo tool to search, watch, download and organize youtube videos.
You can watch a screencast here. The more i think about their Terms Of Use i think that they are just wrong saying donwloading is not allowed because they are a streaming service.
What is the difference beetween progressively downloading videos to the users cache (what they call streaming) and downloading them elsewhere?
Here is an interesting statement from youtube:

What is your opinion on this?

BTW: cool updates for RichFLV are on the way. Quite busy at the moment may take till end of next week.

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7 thoughts on “Downloading Youtube FLVs – legal or not?

  1. Ah, you tempt us…

    I say release it and worry about legality or not later 😛

    Looks a slick app and your richFLV is awesome.

  2. i think you should not publish richTube. I know its a great tool (i’ve seen it live) and you spend a lot of time and power in it but i think you risk to much.

  3. How can YouTube say that they do not allow downloading of their videos. There are numerous sites, applications, & browser plugins that already allow people to download video files from various sites like YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe etc.
    I am just curious as to how these people found the logic to get the path of the FLV file on these sites.
    So I would suggest, put it up there & let people enjoy.

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