First post!

Ok finaly i did it!
This blog is focused on rich internet application development. At the moment i`m working at my diploma thesis which basicaly means that i have 3 month of doing what i like most. The subject of my thesis will be something like “XML user interfaces” which in my case means that i try to develop an alternative to Flex for parsing MXML files. I really love Flex but i think for some projects it`s just to expensive. I think for the market that it`s targeted for the price is fine but they left out us Flash developer, that used to work on smaller projects with smaller budgets.
So at this place i want to share what i found out on my way of exploring Flex, Flash…

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One thought on “First post!

  1. Hi Benjamin,

    This is a very interesting project, I think is the next step for MTASC.

    Are you using MTASC as the compiler for BEX?

    Hope you post about it as often as you can!

    : )


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