The baby is called BEX

Creatively as i am i called my project BEX. BEX has several meaning:
– Benz experiments (name of my old site)
– Better Flex (not meant to be taken serious)
– Be Extensible
– Baby Flex
… or whatever you like. Just needed a name for my package structures!

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One thought on “The baby is called BEX

  1. So Bex is Benjamin’s Flex?

    Do you have samples of it running?
    How far along are you on the implementation?

    I am wondering how fast MTASC is when running real time in response to an HTTP request on the server.

    I am really interested in this.

    Things that Flex doesn’t do that I wish it did:
    – suit my budget
    – run on a .NET server
    – run offline in command line mode
    – take an existing .swf and use its assets ( maybe it can do this, but I haven’t seen it

    I am very curious where you are at and how Bex stacks up against Flex.

    Best regards,

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