Image Injector

Some days ago there was a discussion at the MTASC mailinglist. Someone wanted a tool that injects images
into am swf file. I quickly coded a ugly, dirty app that does exactly that. You can also specify a linkage id
so that you can use the image with attach movie. As i said that was done quick and dirty. I will add more
feautures soon. Any suggestions.

BTW it looks so horrible because it was my first attempt in using the Standard Widget Toolkit.
And it uses the genius libraries of flagstone. Check them out.

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4 thoughts on “Image Injector

  1. It should work with PNGs and Jpegs. Theoreticaly everything is possible. I`m extremely busy with my thesis but when that`s done i have a lot of nice tools.

  2. BTW I`ve just finished a Tool that lets you inject SVGs. Sound and Video is on the list. All a matter of time 😉

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