Extended FileReference in Flash Player 10 is good but…

… it`s still not quite what I dreamed of. Out of enthusiasm about the new great features I blindly tried to convert RichFLV to a browser only version.
In theory everything is there to build such powerfull browser applications now but the problem is that it seems that there is no way to get the actual filepath to the selected file just the data. I can absolutely understand this because it might be another security concern but this means that you cannot display most of the data a user selects.
For a simple image uploader this might be fine because you can easily create an image from the ByteArray with Actionscript but for example for videos or sounds this is not the case. Yeah I know you can always create a swf in memory and then pass it to a Loader instance but that`s not really cool. So if I would want to create something like RichFLV in the browser there is no way to display the video directly on the client :-(

So please Adobe open up the NetStream Object so we can work directly with bytes on it.
Please vote for this feature here https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-5

I think access to the bytes of a NetStream object would also allow acces to the webcam stream and microphone right? This would be so important and open up thousands of possibilites. And it would be a perfect workaround for the security filepath problem. If we are able to actually do something with the data why would we need the filepath 😉

Just had to get this out before the feature list for FP10 is closed and we I have to wait for another 2 years :-)

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13 thoughts on “Extended FileReference in Flash Player 10 is good but…

  1. I totally agree with you here. It would be awesome if we could do stuff a little bit more simple.

    But the solution is there — we just have to implement it ourselfs if Adobe will not do it.

  2. Yeah sure but i also want access to the camera and mic – and opening NetStream would be the simplest solution i guess 😉

  3. i think that adobe will never open the netstream or video(display) for bytearray.

    the reason for not opening the netstream is that i simple can develope (with a bytearray + http-socket connection) an own communication protocol which is maybe much better then rtmp :) how needs then FMS3 & co.?


  4. Hey Gary! I`m not sure about this. Normally I would agree but I think recent acts have shown that a lot has changed since the good old Macromedia days and that they are willing to open up their stuff – so there is hope. I think the benefit of rulling the RIA market with such an act is much more than selling some more copies of FMS. So I hope JavaFX, Silverlight and how they are all called come with stuff like this. If this happends we have a minor update of the flash player the week after with the needed functionality :-)

  5. Hey Thibault,
    If you say this it will happen 😉 You seem to have a good influence on these things :-)

  6. Hey Spender,
    that`s nice but I would like to do it without hacks 😉 I guess you convert it to a swf first or? With huge data like long videos this could take some time :-( I want direct access!!!

    But still a nice example and a very cool blog!

  7. Hi Benz & co.

    I’m confused about what you’re discussing in your post so please read this (an excerpt from the Adobe flashmediaserver_tech_overview.pdf):

    Access stream data
    The read/write ACLs (access control list) have been extended with two new permission types to control access to the
    audio and video data in streams. Applications can extract video frames as bitmaps if allowed by the server. The
    Server-Side ActionScript API and the Authorization plug-in API have been updated to support this feature. For
    more information, see the Developer Guide.

  8. I think what this is referring to is the Server Side API. I want to do it on the client + just a Bitmap is not enough I need full access to the Video/Sound and Data Tags of the flv.

  9. Another big problem with the new local FileReference stuff is that it has a max loadable size of 512kb, which is way too small for most audio and video(and even a lot of photos). Unless there is some workaround or some way to expand that limit, it’ll be useless for a lot of applications.

  10. Hey Matt – where did you hear about this limit?
    I`ve definetly loaded bigger files through it. Maybe 512MB?

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