Mix .wav files in the browser with FP10

Another old AIR project I`ve converted to FP10 beta. It`s actually quite crazy that these applications are now possible :-)
You can import wave loops (only tested with 44.100kHz, 16Bit, Mono) – use small loops!. It will internally convert them to SWF files so they can be played. Then it will generate a wave form and you can add multiple tracks, drag`n drop and save the mix to your hard disk – all without server interaction – i love it!

I`ve made a quick screencast so you know how to work with it – see it here.

And check out the application here:

Again not heavily tested – use on your own risk 😉
I have aother version quite ready that also let`s you add mp3 files. It uses the new extract() method of the Sound object to get the raw PCM data. More later…

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7 thoughts on “Mix .wav files in the browser with FP10

  1. Hi,
    It’s really a nice app
    Bravo !
    But can you show us some samples and code using extract() method and cut and save a mp3 with Flash 10

  2. How are you generating the visual representation of the spectrum/waveform? Can flash 10 get this data upfront without having to play the audio through first without using ComputeSpectrum?

    I’ve been wanting to know how to do this for ages, but haven’t ever come across any solid code examples for advice on how to do it. Any hits for info would be much appreciated.

  3. Hey Rich,
    for this example i use an old class of mine which analyses the raw PCM date from the wave file it does not use any FP10 features. But with FP10 it`s much easier and you can also get the waveform for mp3s. It has a new method for the sound object extractBytes() this will give you the raw PCM data of the sound object and this is basically your waveform data.


  4. Hi Ben,
    Can you show us how to use extrat() with FP10 to extract a part of a sound and save it with save() method FileReference ?
    Thanks a lot

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