Janus = New Offline Tool for Flex

While waiting for Apollo check out Janus. It`s a tool similiar to zinc but on the first look much more stable and powerful. Currently it`s in beta and you can download a trial.

  • Janus let’s you create powerful multiform .NET 2 Windows applications adding a huge set of ActionScript 2/3 packages.
  • Project settings are stored in a manually editable XML file.
  • Janus supports skins and re-skinning at runtime.
    Skin-Builder tool distributed with the application.

Adobe Flex™ and FDT™ users:

  • Janus compiles your projects as external tool from within Eclipse IDE.

The interesting thing is that it seems that Janus first was a project in the MDM space. A while back there was a beta forum were an application was listed called Rebus. It seems that this has now become Janus and is now independent from MDM.

Anyway i have a feeling that Apollo will soon be in the labs (do i hear MAX…)

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4 thoughts on “Janus = New Offline Tool for Flex

  1. Hmmmm its built on the flashplayercontrol library. Wonder on liscensing of that, as all you need is the dll to build your own .net apps.

    Looks like a good library of functionality is building up behind them…..Go Janus go!

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