Adobe Digital Editions == Apollo App?

While MAX is asleep i just downloaded Adobe digital Editions from the labs. The installation is extremly easy – exact the same thing as the express install feature of the flash player. Right clicking on the app shows that it`s flash. Than i downloaded an ebook and this came as a pdf! So we have the first app that combines pdf and Flash. Adobe just calls the technology a lightweight rich internet application – no word of apollo. Maybe later.
Check out Adobe digital Editions at the labs.

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3 thoughts on “Adobe Digital Editions == Apollo App?

  1. I spoke with Bill McCoy last night, and he confirmed that this is not an Apollo application, although it may be connected to that once Apollo is finished.

  2. This is not an Apollo app, yet it shares many of the characteristics of one it seems.

    If you read the FAQ for Digital Editions, it does state that it is not an Apollo app.

  3. This looks interesting…I’ll have to see what I can find out, I wonder if they are still using the undocumented System.Product backdoor, or if they have some new API in place.

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