Flex 2.0 alpha licensing?

I`m too lazy to look it up – and if i would do so i would not get a word 😉
Does anyone know if we are allowed to post sample swf generated by Flex 2.0?
It`s such a pitty that it`s half a year to go since the web will see the future!
By the way any good arguments i can tell my company (very design orientated) to switch to flex development?

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2 thoughts on “Flex 2.0 alpha licensing?

  1. Absolutely! In fact, you’d be encouraged to add a link to the showcase on the Macromedia Labs wiki to show off your work as well. I’m working on a couple examples myself.

    Be sure to let people know that they won’t be able to see your examples without Flash Player 8.5 though, and that the player is still in Alpha so its not ready for widespread use.

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