4 thoughts on “Flex in Germany?

  1. Coded Culture is developing Flex Applications since spring 2005.

    For example: We built a large Groupware & CRM Application for a customer which provides functionality like Outlook in combination with Exchange (Mail, Contacts, Grouptasks, Groupcalendar, etc.) combined with a lot of specific customer relationshsip management functionality. For the Backend we used a variety of Open Source Linux communicating via SOAP Webservices.

  2. Hey,

    I thought your dropped of the face of the earth and got swallowed up by some fast food chain working as a teller.

    Anyway, nice to see you have posts again, and thanks for FINALLY changing my link right 😉

    Peace, Mike

  3. Hi,

    we (Herrlich & Ramuschkat) have been building Flex applications since Flex 1.0 was released in March 2004. Since then we’ve built several applications, including an ERP solution for the food & catering industry. Currently, we’re building a modular CRM app on top of Flex 2, FDS 2, CF MX 7.02 and MS SQL Server for one of our clients.


  4. Hi Dobler

    I’m trying to develop something like VCASMO does. To make an editor which will sync PPT and FLV on cue points, and will publish a synced single video output. Since this should be done online, I don’t think I can use AIR. By Flex or by actionscript only? please advise.. Any help from an expert like you will be valuable to me.

    Aneesh Anand

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