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I`m currently loaded with exciting work so i rarely feel the need to work on my private projects like RichFLV. But today was one of those days.
While making RichFLV more stable i started working on a completely new version. One of the needed features is support for editing multiple flv files.
I want to be able to import some flv files and stitch them together and even edit and cut the individual clips and later export them to one single flv file.

Well it`s working! Have a look at this feature in this very early preview screencast I made. Don`t worry this is not how RichFLV will look like it`s just a dummy to test the functionality 😉
I think it`s really crazy that you can do stuff like this with AIR – it just rocks!

A basic implementation will be added to the current RichFLV next week (or so :-)). You`ll be able to import another flv and stitch them together but without the advanced control of individual clips.

Watch the screencast here

this is how the new timeline looks:


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7 thoughts on “Next Generation RichFLV preview

  1. Idid a test with different codecs and resolutions and it worked fine. I had one clip that was VP6 encoded and one that used the screen video codec and they played fine. However you`ll get a problem with different framerates i think – i`ll keep you updated.

  2. Hi,

    its a very great tool. Are there any ressources in the web, how to save a flv WITH audio using air? I’ve found the simpleFlvWriter class, but it does not support audio.

    Thanks in advice

  3. Hey Benj

    Can’t wait to see the new version, let me know when I can test it out 😉

    Btw. are you coming to FITC amsterdam? Would be cool to meet you there.

  4. Great work, Benjamin… is everything u did in action script-3 or also used some other (java/C#/C++) language for trimming/merging/saving flv files?

    Good Job :),I’m waiting for actual release.

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