Playing flv in slowmotion

I found a nice solution for playing flv files in slowmotion. You basically play the original video and store BitmapData Objects while it`s playing in an Array. Than you can just show these stored BitmapData Objects in at a given intervall slower than the original flv is playing. You just need to store the difference between what has been showed and were the original flv playhead is. This way the RAM increase is not too big.

Here is a basic prove of concept.
and here is the source.

In a final implementation one would layer the Bitmaps above the actual Video.
The whole thing is done in Flex but the same technique can be applied to Flash 8 projects as well.

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6 thoughts on “Playing flv in slowmotion

  1. Hi,

    Another solution would be to start/stop the playhead using a timer. I’m sure this code isn’t going to look nicely formatted, but here it is:

  2. or not! Hmm…I’m not sure what markup I’m suppose to use to insert code.

    Anyway, I simply start/stop the playhead every 10ms, creating slow motion.

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