Read/Write ID3 Tags with AIR

I found some time to improve my MP3 library. Now it allows to read and write! ID3v2 Tags.
I`ve not implemented everything but you can read basic information and edit it. You can even select a jpeg or png file that will be embedded into the mp3.
You can still trim the mp3 with the timeline. ByteArray and AIR kicks ass!

Check it out here (You`ll need the Adobe AIR Runtime)

Sources will be released as soon as i find the time to clean up the code and implement some more functionality.

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11 thoughts on “Read/Write ID3 Tags with AIR

  1. Wow – very nice.

    I’m looking to build a tag editing program with flex/air – hooking to amazon et al to get cd covers – and other such features…

    Looks good!

  2. I have the same problem with mac osX,
    is it possible to share the part of the source concerning the id3 editing. I’m trying to solve this problem for ours.


  3. This looks great, I’ve been looking for a way to write id3 tags in flex. Any chance you could share this code?

  4. I am currently working on my own mp3 id3 tagger which is able to read all id3 information about a selected track. Unfortunately I am unsure of how to go about editing(writing) the id3 information returned as you have done in your app. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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