Rich FLV update to 3.9

Again an update to RichFLV with some minor bug fixes.
Grab it here:

Some good news. While I don`t really work on the current RichFLV version anymore I spend some time to try other (better?) ways to do the flv manipulation. I have a prototype running that will not read all the data in memory. Other than I expected it`s pretty fast and memory consumption is low. Originally memory was no problem for me because RichFLV was meant to cut small flv files (around 50mb) but now I get more and more requests from people who want to cut flv files which are 500mb-1GB big.
So with this new method i was able to cut an flv of 800mb and the memory stayed at 30mb throughout the whole process. So virtually any filesize should be possible. To make a working application out of this I will need to rewrite a lot of the old stuff and this will take some time – which I currently don`t have. So I plan to release a version of it which will have less features but enables you to work with pretty big files. So I would like to hear from you what are your favorite features. Leave a comment and I will try to add the most requersted ones first.

Choose from here:
– cut flv files (this one will obviously be included ;-))
– stitch flv files
– Adding/Manipulating cue points
– extract sound as mp3
– convert to swf
– change the sound track of an imported flv

Let me know

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22 thoughts on “Rich FLV update to 3.9

  1. This app rocks. Exactly what I needed!

    I would say cut/stitch are very important, cue points/mp3 are less important, and swf/soundtrack are least important.

  2. I highly value the cut/stitch. When producing live webcasts in flash – as we do in my company – we often have requests from customers who need us to cut out breaks or unwanted content. Also we typically start the encoder 10 minutes before each webcast and thus needs to cut off the ends – especially if we transcode to podcasts afterwards.

    The change soundtrack feature is also to die for, but I need to be more precise to use it. From time to time we have files, where audio and video is out of sync. This can be fixed, but for that I need the editing tool to be precise. maybe thats to much to ask, but anyway that’s my input

  3. Cut/stitch by far – I’m with lars – I also work at a webcasting company and cutting the ends off what could be a very long and many MB file is extremely important.

    Thanks for working on it!

  4. cut flvs with cuepoints/meta intact would actually be a godsend!

    Does your app correct the issue where flvs recorded on Flash Media Server puts an audio tag with a length of zero at the beginning of the ?le after the โ€œonMetaDataโ€ tag? this must be removed in post.

    Neither is thers no apps available that can slice FMS recorded flvs with a duration longer than 16778 seconds, there is some TimeStampExtended issue, will yours?

    would you sell a copy of your prototype?

  5. Benjamin,

    Great application. Thanks.

    I have developed an AIR application to record flv videos locally that once saved are uploaded to a website where users can watch them. The videos are typically 3 to 5 minutes long. However, some users have expressed that they would like to be able to pause the recording for a while while they think what to say next and then resume recording.

    Hence, what I need is some of the capabilities of RICHFlv inside my app. Can you give some tips of how to go about that?

    or, are you planning to open source / share the code of RICH FLV at some point, since as you have said you don’t plan to develop it much further. maybe the community at large can continue your great work (just an idea).

  6. Cut/Stitch – while maintaining cuepoints is needed badly. This is the #1 editing function (and really the purpose of an FLV Editor) we need.

    #2 would be the ability to add cuepoints.

  7. Hey Webcast Guy,
    i think I will have a first preview version ready in the next two weeks with exactly these capabilities.
    In fact it`s ready now but I`m struggeling with the interface ๐Ÿ˜‰ So if you need it really urgently drop me a note – maybe you could be a private alpha tester?


  8. It will be very good to have replace soundtrack of a FLV with Adobe Media Encoder 4 really ****s up with MP3 flv re-encodes and bad bad very blurry resizer…

  9. Being able to cut massive .flv files is definitely the most important thing to me. After that I would probably like to modify cue points and thats about it. Either way, definitely great program for the smaller files.

  10. Another webcaster. Very large files. 330kbps 1 hours and more. 250 to 300 GB. Can’t wait to see new version. Slice and joint is all I use.


  11. Oh man, let me know if you need any help testing for big files, the company I work for created dozens of them daily, and it’s really a pain to cut big files. you have my addy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Hey Benz
    I was just playing around with the newer version of richflv, and tried to load a 450MB file which was encoded live from Flash Media Encoder 2.0, the file is reads until it reaches 100% but the analyzation progressbar stays at 0% and nothing else works. Looking at the Task manager I see that richFlv is using 446MB of memory and constanly falls back to 444 and back up again to 446mb that happens all the time. While working with files up to 200mb there is no problem at all.. Any ideas what could be causing this? btw.. I’m running AIR 1.5

    Thanks for your help

  13. Hi Tiago,

    I guess this is the old problem with too large files. The current version processes the complete file in memory and does a very bad job at this :-) As I already hinted I`m working on a complete new RichFLV which will not have these problems. Due too much work at my day job I`m a bit slow with the progress and I think it might be january before I will release the app. I will contact you private when I have a first test candidate ready for you ๐Ÿ˜‰


  14. Hi Benjamin,
    Greetings from Berlin :))
    Here’s my wish list, in order of importace:
    – Have an option to show timecodes in the HH:MM:SS.Frame notation
    – More precise cutting: Show current timecode when dragging in / out points on the timeline, and/or allow to snap them to the currently showing frame
    – Also show cuepoints / onMetaData events from archived live streams, and have an option to move them to the beginning of the file so that they are immediately available when the file is played on demand – this has been a long standing feature of Windows Media File
    – Zoom in / out on the timeline
    – Show audio signal in the timeline

    We’d love to get our hands on any pre-releases. All in all a great tool – Adobe should really buy it from you and ship it with Flash.



  15. No it does not reencode your files so adding text will not be possible.
    The whole purpose of this tool is to to basic editing without reencoding the files.

  16. I’ve been using it extensively, and sad to say richFLV ‘s cue points do not work with FLASH’s FLVPlayback component. All the cue point times a misinterpreted, all way off.

  17. Hi, I’m having the same problem as John – I can add cuePoints, but the times get messed up. Any ideas how to fix this?
    Otherwise it would be a great tool for this purpose!


  18. I’m also having major issues with the times of cuePoints. If you import an FLV created by AfterEffects, edit cuepoints and export, richFLV changes all the times.

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