RichFLV now with autoupdate and drag`n drop

I`ve build in some more AIR specific features into RichFLV and also worked on the SWF export that now includes sound export.
Until now you could export your flv as an SWF but without the sound. I now managed to implement the SoundStreamHead and SoundStreamBlock Tags
from the SWF Specification. With some flvs there are still problems but most of the time it works fine. Don`t wonder if the SWF export now takes a bit longer i will optimize that later.

I`ve also implemented an autoupdate feature. When RichFLV is started it checks automatically if updates are available. If it finds an update it will show you a dialog that tells you something about
the changes in the new version and allows to auto update the app with one click. You can also manually check for updates by clicking the “Check for updates” item in the “About” menu.



One other small feature i`ve included is that if you have a video playing you can drag the video at any point to your desktop and it will make a screenshot from that position on your desktop (as a PNG).


Get the Update:

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12 thoughts on “RichFLV now with autoupdate and drag`n drop

  1. Hey Doug,
    the flash diplay can nozt handle that much objects 😉 So the workaround for now is that if it finds more tha i think 150 Cuepoints it will not display them. You can still edit them in the datagrid.

  2. Are you using the drawing API for displaying the cuepoints? I’ve got a Flash 8 app that works with this FLV and the 1440 cue points.

  3. I installed the latest version of AIR and it is now saying that the RichFLV app requires a version of AIR that is no longer supported. I think you just need to re-compile it for the new version. Can you please do that? Thanks!

  4. great app.
    i really like this(dont need to run premiere anymore :)).

    one sug: opening many flv file are pretty annoying.
    what it opens drag on the app then would be great.

    thank you.

  5. Thanks for this Application…
    i can edit FLV ^___^ but can’t Merge FLV.
    I can only see the whole result in timeline of RichFLV but the exported file and saved file didn’t work. I see only the first part but others are gone.

    I work with Mac OS X 10.5.8 , Air 1.5.2 and RichFLV 4.2, and open with quicktime7pro.

    Thank you.

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