RichFLV/AIR and MP4

With the annoucement of support for h.264 and AAC in the flash player i feel a bit challenged to add support for this in RichFLV too.
I don`t know if it`s even possible to get acceptable results but that`s what i thought with flv first too. As a start i wrote a little program with
AIR that analyses MP4 files and traces out all the atoms it finds with path, position, size and container info.

You can download it here.

I`m still learning about the mp4 format. If anyone has good ressources, especially how to extract video frames…
The best ressource i found till now is the quicktime description from apple.

Man these are exiting times. H 264 support in flash player – what else could you ask for. Well i can think of a lot of things but i`m afraid the moment i write it down there is another labs release 😉


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11 thoughts on “RichFLV/AIR and MP4

  1. Hi, i’ve downloaded RichFLV but when try to install on my pc i receive a window notify that say:

    “Are you sure you want to install this application to your computer?

    Installing applications may present a security risk to you and your computer. Install only from sources that you trust.

    Publisher Identity: UNVERIFIED
    The publisher of this application cannot be verified.
    System Access: UNRESTRICTED
    This application may access your file system and the internet, which may put your computer at risk.”

    why this?

  2. This is very interesting and definitely worth watching.. H2.64 support in Flash is really opening the doors for audio/video sync.

    To answer the poster asking about the “Security Box” it is nothing more than a standard AIR install screen and at the moment the Beta doesn’t allow you to sign or verify applications.

  3. Hi. You have some REALLY cool stuff here. Do you know if it’s possible (or will be possible) to convert avi/mpg/mov files to flv with an AIR app? I’d rather have a web server do it, but of course that’s expense…so a little AIR tool (cross platform, custom interface, yada yada) would be killer.

    Any thoughts? Possible?


  4. Hi Tom Currently this is not possible and as far as I know not planned for 1.0. I really want this feature too because I think it just makes sense to keep processor intensive stuff on the client machine. Maybe someday we will az least get the possibility to communicate with tools like ffmpeg to do this stuff.

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