!!! Please note that you have to uninstall all previous versions of RichFLV before updateing because I had to change the certificate !!!

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  1. @Steve: I`m afraid RichFLV is not suited for handling such large files. It`s made to do quick basic editing of small flv files. I once was able to edit a 500mb file but i think the normal limit is around 300mb. The problem is that I read all the bytes into memory and this approach is not good for such big files. The results may vary depending on your hardware but I think for your case it`s just not good enough – yet? šŸ˜‰
    Just out of curiosity why would you produce a DVD with flvs?

  2. @Troy: What version (see info window) do you have? Please make sure it`s the latest 3.7. If so could you provide me the file and tell me the steps to reproduce?

  3. I am using the Encoder 2.5, and H.264, which saves to .f4v rather than .flv . This tool doesn’t seem to open .f4v, is that to be expected?

  4. Hi – great app, but i can’t change the name of the cuepoints – is that supposed to be possible?



  5. great work!!
    I’m working on this too for my research, and I’d like to known if you have tried to extract an image directly from the videoTag, taking the image’s bytes, after the first two byte of CodecId and FrameType.

    I don’t known how convert the image’s bytes to a bitmapData.

    thanks for any help

  6. thx a lot.. it works really good.

    about cue points, my only suggestion is to have a shortcut key to create a cue points straight from key frames.

  7. Howdy, I have a question. I have all of AIR and I’ve installed and set up RichFLV but when I try to open a .flv it reads Research 100% and Analyses 99% and just hangs there in processing with the tags displayed. Got any ideas?

  8. Muchisimas gracias, me es muy util esta apliacion.

    Thank You So much for this valuable application.

  9. Superbe! What is the licence? Is possible to use it in commercial project (CMS)? Cheers

    Encode avi to flv in AS3? Man are u drunk??

  10. “Error: Adobe AIR is not available for your system” it says.

    Hmmmm. That’s odd. I have it running, i use it for Twhirl (all day), Stopwatch, Market Samurai…

    Just because we’re stuck with an Alpha version, doesn’t mean us linux users can’t use Adobe AIR applications.

  11. Awesome Software, the first promising thing i have been able to find. About says I downloaded 3.6

    I like the drag drop thumbnail creation that is awesome! However.. is there a way to export the drag drop to jpeg instead? There is hardly any sites that use png (well at least in my industry)

    Few feature request..

    1)canvas/fram size Crop (to remove unecessary stuff around the borders of the videos)

    2)Ability to add a watermark.

    If you could add those few features i could find you hundreads of people willing to pay for the software.

  12. @Aaron: your feature request will not make it int RichFLV any time soon because currently RIchFLV does not reencode your videos. Both of your features would require that. For the dnd with Jpeg that`s on my list.

  13. I installed the update today.

    I can no longer switch between “navigation” and “event” via the drop down menu on the right.


  14. @darleys: Oh yes that`s a bug introduced with the last update – I uploaded a new version (4.0) which should fix it. Sorry.

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