Flex/AIR rocking Javapolis

I have been relatively quite the last weeks mainly because my current project was to be kept secret until today.
Today I presented together with my current client Stephan Janssen the result of 5 months Flex and AIR development.
Boy when do you get the chance to present you work in front of 3000! Java developers 😉

It was really amazing and the feedback is really overwhelming. We presented at the Keynote right after the Adobe team (Bruce Eckel, James Ward, Christoff Rooms).
I think most of the Java people liked it and are now seriously looking at Flex and AIR.

So some notes about the actual project we presented. It is version 2 of Parleys a website dedicated to present presentations from various Java conferences.
The current client (version 1) was build with Java Script and is now rebuild with Flex and AIR. The actual application will be available as soon as AIR gets out of Beta so beginning 08.

I`ll tell more about it in later posts at the moment i`m still full of adrenaline 😉 but here are some screencasts that should give a good overview of the application.
Definetely check out the AIR and Desktop Browser Communication!
Browser Version


Autoupdate feature

AIR Client

Desktop < -> Browser Communication




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10 thoughts on “Flex/AIR rocking Javapolis

  1. Congrats Ben! Looking great!

    And finally your comments from last summers aircamp make sense. I’ve been furiously wondering who the hell in Belgium knows Gamma, wishing we had gotten you drunk enough to spill the beans 😉

    I can’t believe I’m stuck making some shitty Christmas card, when I could have easily come to Javapolis…

  2. Looks great, but except for the first link, all four other links in your posting are “http://www.richapps.de/files/demo/parleys_browsercommunication/parleys_offline.html”. Please fix that, I want to see more! :-)

  3. Hi Benjamin, nice meeting you mate.
    Your work really rocks hard! It’ll sure turn heads.

    Have a good trip back 2morrow…

  4. hi benz, really impressive work! congratulations!
    so… and where can I get the source code of the keynote-like transitions? 😉

  5. Ben,
    great demo, the entire audience was exited, it seems. I can’t wait to beta-test it!

    It was nice meeting you at Javapolis, and there are already plenty of ideas for Parleys V3 😉


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