line Style in flash 8

We all saw in those presentations that with flash 8 one has more control over line properties in the flash IDE than in MX 2004.
Since those presentations i tried to find the way to use this via Actionscript and tata…
After some try and error efforts i found that the lineStyle method has several new arguments. The first two are still unknown to me the third new parameter is for the cap style (i tried “round”,”none”, “square”) and the forth is for the joint of two lines (i found “bevel”! and “round”).
See this example here
Sure you need Flash 8 beta player installed to see the magic.
Get the fla here

Anyone know more about those parameters?



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3 thoughts on “line Style in flash 8

  1. The third joint style is “miter” which is probably the most important one. You can change the miter limit with a value following the joint style argument, I think default is a factor of 4.

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