final thesis on open source flex

I`ve decided to give away my final thesis about my approach to develop an open source alternative to flex.
It`s 150 pages dealing mostly with generating swf files out of mxml on the server. I don`t want to make a public link here but you can drop me an email and i will send you a pdf. You can see the content of my paper here. I hope you`ll like it and give some feedback.

BTW: After finishing my studies i`m now looking for a flash developer position in the area of berlin (germany).
I`m also thinking about trying other countries. So if you know anything drop me a line! (thanx)
I`m just about to finish my portfolio but i could send some reference material before that 😉


Update: Forgot to say that my thesis is in german 😉 But as it contains a lot of code i think even with little german you are able to follow my thoughts.


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6 thoughts on “final thesis on open source flex

  1. Hi,
    Now that the compiler is free and can generate .swf file dynamically from mxml, are there scenarios where your work’d be useful. I am an experienced developer in c++\java but a newbie in flex area and looking into this aspect. Could you please send your thesis to
    Appreciate your consideration…


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