scaleGrid9 is sooo powerful!

It`s the small additions that make Flash 8 such a great tool.
First i thought scaleGrid9 only works with vectors but it also works with bitmaps.
Here is a small example showing a windows window 😉 in flash. It`s all just one MovieClip.
Drag the clip to scale it. The edges will not distort! Turn of scaleGrid9 and see how it would look without it.
That will be great for component development.

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8 thoughts on “scaleGrid9 is sooo powerful!

  1. Hi,

    i’ve tried to do this, but for me it works only witch vectors :(
    I just try it with actionscript or set 9-slices in library, but still it’s working just with vectors. How did you do this with bitmaps?


  2. Yeah i had a hard time to get it to work too. It seems to only work with bitmaps if you use individual bitmaps for all slice regions. So you still have to prepare the images but don`t have to position them by script which is really cool. I`ll prepare a fla for download.

  3. I’m trying to get this to work as well with a dynically loaded png. No dice. You’re saying you still have to slice the source image into regions? scaleGrid9 isn’t all that.

    Please provide source whenever you can, I’m sure many would appreciate it.


  4. Hey guys, what I worked out for this is to dynamically load in a PNG and then just do a bitmapdata.draw() onto the mc and then split the mc into 9 regions and then you can scale it anyway you want if you split if up into 9 mc regions.
    Then you can take any png and make 9-sliceable.

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