Richapps@MAX: What do you want to know about ByteArrays?

It`s official now! I will have a session at MAX in Barcelona. The session will be called “Bits and Bytes with AIR”.
I have a basic outline for my talk finished. It will be an introduction targeted at the intermediate Flash/Flex/AIR developer for whom the ByteArray class is still a mystery and who wants to find out more about its use. Part of the talk will be about the very basics (bits and bytes) and the other part will be a more practical one where I show how you can put this knowledge to good use ( Analyzing and manipulating Mp3, Wave, SWF and FLV files).  I want to take one example and explain it in more detail. I thought of showing how to analyze an FLV file and extract the sound as an mp3 or how to mix two wave files.
So it would be cool if you would leave a comment what you`d like to get explained. This is your chance to make this a valuable session for everyone. Go ahead leave a comment or write me a mail to: benz (at)

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5 thoughts on “Richapps@MAX: What do you want to know about ByteArrays?

  1. By the way I’d be interested in both flv and wav mixing, but I don’t know how much of the latter I’d appreciate in a big-audience session. Cheers, EP

  2. Congratulaitons.
    Although I can’t get to Adobe MAX,I Expect your session on your blog.
    Have fun in Barcelona~

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