12 thoughts on “RichFLV and RichMp3 updated for AIR

  1. I haven`t changed the file open handling to the new AIR API but this problem existed before. I`ve reported this as a bug to Adobe already. As reports from several users show this does not happen on all Macs. I`m sure this will be fixed till 1.0.

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    will you be providing the source code for people to experiment with? Thanks, the updated app looks great by the way

  3. Dear RichApps,

    Firstly thanks for creating the first really usefull Apollo application. Your time and effort are massively appreciated.

    Here’s my problem – I have an FLV that’s kills your application. It is an flv encoded in Flash CS3 with cue points added in Captionate 218. I want to use your app to cut some footage from the end of the file but all that happens when i try to open my file is Rich FLV gets to 100% Reading… and 99% Analysed… and then hangs.

    I can forward the flv and i’m keen to do some further testing if you need any help.

    Best regards

  4. @Doug: It would be great if you can send me the file. I will have a look at it when i get back from work. BTW: I have an update nearly ready that cuts importing time dramatically. It will also reduce the RAM consumtion to the size of the flv. Should be released next week or so. Please send it to: benz [at] richapps.de or provide a link.

  5. @Nicolas: No plans to open source this at the moment. I can imagine doing this once it`s finished but no promise šŸ˜‰

  6. It would be fantastic if you did open source this project but i think it’s a better idea to generate some capital from what you’ve already developed. I would certainly pay for the additional functionality your application offers over Flash & Captionate.

  7. Hi,
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  8. After importing a flv file, your RichFLV application for AIR hangs at “100% Reading; 99% Analyzed”. I’d tried importing various flv files but the same problem occurs. I’m using Windows XP with the most recent AIR download.

  9. SLick looking app. But i’m getting the same problem as doug. I import an flv file (it was downloaded from YouTube) “Reading” goes to 100% but hangs at 99% analyzed. Any ideas?

  10. Iā€™m getting the same problem as well … Reading goes to 100% but hangs at 99% analyzed. Any ideas?

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