RichFLV – Fixed XML import

Here is a quick update to RichFLV`s xml import/export capabilities (see post here).
There was a small bug that prevented the exported xml files to be imported again. That`s fixed now.

I know there are still some quirks with the keyframe timeline (sometimes doesn`t update correctly when resized…) but that will be fixed after the OFFF.
Get RichFLV Alpha 2.1 here.

!!! New Version Available See This Post !!!

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3 thoughts on “RichFLV – Fixed XML import

  1. Hi,

    When decompressing the zip file on a mac, the .air file don’t appear anymore as a “packaged” file, but as a folder. It’s annoying then for the installation process. Would you mind provide a non compressed version for us *ugly* guys or use a tool that keeps that file structure, like Stuffit or the like. Thanks.

  2. the mac thing is a known issue and should be solved when the apollo beta arrives.
    I don`t quite understand your feature request. What do you mean by keyframe? It`s not possible to create keyframes. And with comments do you mean cuepoints?

  3. hi
    i would be pleased to talk with you
    i m planning to work on webtv like ala youtube but with more ergonomic
    i m impressed by your rich tube
    i would like to do a thing like that but with 3 dimensions of request and sub request
    first dimension : sport, fiction, documentary
    second dimension sport/ football, rugby, handball
    third dimension sport/football/ germany, france, argentina
    and from that you can go back to
    documentary/ argentina/ che gavarra, tango, patagonia

    in fact i want to create a player wher you can create channel and cahnge them in an ergonomic way
    i will use a french technology from skema ( and hexalead for the search engine and i m looking for a guy for the flex flash part
    are you interested in such a project
    just send me a mail with your phone number and some moments when i can call you back
    thanks for your attention

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