RichFLV – Apollo app updated

This is the biggest update to RichFLV since it`s release.

Download RichFLV (Rename extension to .air if it downloads as a zip file)
Download Apollo Runtime (Alpha Version)

Here is a brief description what has been changed.

The biggest improvement is the performance boost. This version should analyse flvs up to 10 times faster than the old version.
I was able to analyse a 140Mb file also i would not recommend this but files up to 80 Mb should be ok.
The biggest problem currently is the memory consumption. With the 140Mb file my RAM could easily eat up 1GB. I will look into that for a next update.
One thing i will also invastigate is to change the analysis of the flv when it`s loaded. Maybe it would make more sense to do the major part of the analysis when the file is saved.
This will keep memory usage low while working on the file and the import would be much faster but than it will take longer to save changes.

Progress Information:
I finally found a way to add a progress bar while importing a flv file. I was motivated to do this by the book “The Laws Of Simplicity” by John Maeda.
I can really recommend this book! The progress information is given in two chunks. First it shows how much of the file has been read and than it shows you how much of the flv has been analysed.
While analysing the flv it will also output how many tags of the different kinds (Video, Sound, Metadata) it has found.

New Improved Timeline:

The timeline is now more compact and easier to handle (i hope!?). I`ve build custom components for the sliders because i was not happy with the Slider component.
The keyframe and cutter handling should be much more precise now.


Export Still Image As Jpeg:
I`ve added the ability to export still images from the video player. They will be saved as jpeg files at the moment. Later i will add different formats (PNG,BMP).
In the options menu you have the ability to change the quality settings for the jpegs.


Improved Layout Handling:

You can now hide the info panel and the timeline panel and get different views of the editor.

More Options

I`ve included an option to set the aspect ration handling of the video and one for creating new cuepoints at the current timestamp of the video.

Chrome changed
I have changed the chrome settings from a custom chrome with transparency to the standard chrome because of performance issues.
Espacially when you had the application in fullscreen mode the app became quite sluggish. Now with the standard chrome it behaves much better.
I haven`t noticed a big performance hit with transparency in other apps i`ve build with apollo but when it comes to video this definetely has a huge impact.
Will see if that improves i the upcoming beta of apollo.

Please give comments if you like the changes, have suggestions or bug reports.

Download RichFLV (Rename extension to .air if it downloads as a zip file)
Download Apollo Runtime (Alpha Version)

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72 thoughts on “RichFLV – Apollo app updated

  1. @Dildo: That`s intended. I makes no sense to let an flv start at a none keyframe it would only look correct until it reaches the next keyframe.

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    I’m a absolute beginner in videoediting and i had to cut an flv file for my presentation. with richflv it was absolut no problem and I finished my work in a few minutes.

    Thank you


  3. Hi

    Just wanted to say thanks for this utility, and to give a small suggested enhancement.

    I am trying to split a large FLV (about 90 minutes) into small chunks (about 2-18 minutes) file for use in a classroom situation. The start and end points are quite critical, and I am finding it really difficult to see exactly where the clipping points are. Two ‘suggested solutions’.

    1 – have a check box which will set whether it will only play between the current end and start points and
    2 – move the current ply point to whereever the start clip point is set to whenever that changes.

    Hope this is useful feedback

  4. Maybe there is a problem with the actual version of adobe air (1.5). The cutter does’t work correctly, because the play mark isn’t set.

  5. I opened a flv with sound, then imported a new mp3, selected use MP3 as soundtrack and the tried exporting as flv and saving and the file shows up on my desktop but only as a blank white page not as a working flv file. It is 40.7 MB. Please help. I really need this to work.

    Thank you!

  6. I truly appreciate your RichFLV program and it is something that I would gladly pay for/support… I have an unfortunate issue with it however… I cannot seem to load larger FLV files, ones larger than 500MB. They always seem to lock up when being “read”. Smaller files work fine.

    These files are created using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.

    Any suggestions?


  7. @Ryan: Yes it`s a known limitation. The current RichFLV is only meant to work with small files (max 200mb).
    I have a version that can handle much larger files but don`t find the time to work on it at the moment – sorry :-(

  8. Hi. I\’m trying to stitch 2 videos. They are from the same video just in 2 parts so there should be no problem with different fps. It plays fine in Richflv but as soon as I open it with VLC, it plays too fast. It plays like a VCR on fast forward with the sound too high (chipmunk like) and the video too fast. I\’ve updated my richflv and the problem is still there. Thanks btw for developing this app. I love it sooo much. Such a small fast app!

  9. Just a thought, but when exporting as a jpeg, png etc, the image shouldnt be the exact size of the video player, but maybe the size of the actual dimensions of the movie.

  10. Lieber Herr Benjamin Dobler,

    der Computer ist 3 Jahre alt und der Bediener 70. Wir beide würden gerne .flv – Filme bearbeiten, mit .air – Dateien können wir beide nichts anfangen.

    Wie können wir mit RichFLV.air arbeiten?-


  11. This looks like a good app!
    However, every time I export an flv, I only get a black screen..

  12. @ admin: Well, I have to cut a 543 MB flv-file. You wrote in May (2009) that you didn’t have time to work on a RichFLV-version, which is able to cut files of this size. Is there a way to get/test this hopefully somehow usable version?

  13. Hi, I’m trying to stitch an flv and mp3 file together. when uploading the flv, it’s getting hung up at 99% on the analyzing and gets stuck. Have tried the new version and still no luck…any suggestions?

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  16. Hello:

    This may have to do with large videos (42MB), or with Windows 7:

    Keeping the beginning of a video (and cutting the end part) works fine. But trying to cut the first part (and keeping the end) and then exporting, leaves the video blank (nothing on it: black).

    ALSO, after saving the video with RichFLV, and then re-saving the same video by replacing the one you just saved, the program “hangs”: it simply freezes, after getting the dialog “File is being saved…”

  17. Tried to load a 1,6GB file didn’t go too well – program hangs at 80% then crashes.
    Do you really need to use 10x the filesize of system memory (if so, why?)
    Looking forward to better memory management in future versions, but apart from that GREAT tool, keep up the good work 😀

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  19. Hi,
    ich versuche zwei FLVs zusammenzubauen, das erste mit “open File”, das zweite mit “import file”.
    Wenn ich das abgespeicherte Video abspiele, bricht der Player (VLC) nach dem ersten Video ab.

    Was mache ich falsch?

    Gruß Beanz44

  20. I want to save the swf format; file is being saved … writes.
    sound while saving time, but the image is not saved as flv.

  21. The resulting video (just did a simple crop) is audio only, clearly still very beta

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