RichFLV – Apollo app updated

This is the biggest update to RichFLV since it`s release.

Download RichFLV (Rename extension to .air if it downloads as a zip file)
Download Apollo Runtime (Alpha Version)

Here is a brief description what has been changed.

The biggest improvement is the performance boost. This version should analyse flvs up to 10 times faster than the old version.
I was able to analyse a 140Mb file also i would not recommend this but files up to 80 Mb should be ok.
The biggest problem currently is the memory consumption. With the 140Mb file my RAM could easily eat up 1GB. I will look into that for a next update.
One thing i will also invastigate is to change the analysis of the flv when it`s loaded. Maybe it would make more sense to do the major part of the analysis when the file is saved.
This will keep memory usage low while working on the file and the import would be much faster but than it will take longer to save changes.

Progress Information:
I finally found a way to add a progress bar while importing a flv file. I was motivated to do this by the book “The Laws Of Simplicity” by John Maeda.
I can really recommend this book! The progress information is given in two chunks. First it shows how much of the file has been read and than it shows you how much of the flv has been analysed.
While analysing the flv it will also output how many tags of the different kinds (Video, Sound, Metadata) it has found.

New Improved Timeline:

The timeline is now more compact and easier to handle (i hope!?). I`ve build custom components for the sliders because i was not happy with the Slider component.
The keyframe and cutter handling should be much more precise now.


Export Still Image As Jpeg:
I`ve added the ability to export still images from the video player. They will be saved as jpeg files at the moment. Later i will add different formats (PNG,BMP).
In the options menu you have the ability to change the quality settings for the jpegs.


Improved Layout Handling:

You can now hide the info panel and the timeline panel and get different views of the editor.

More Options

I`ve included an option to set the aspect ration handling of the video and one for creating new cuepoints at the current timestamp of the video.

Chrome changed
I have changed the chrome settings from a custom chrome with transparency to the standard chrome because of performance issues.
Espacially when you had the application in fullscreen mode the app became quite sluggish. Now with the standard chrome it behaves much better.
I haven`t noticed a big performance hit with transparency in other apps i`ve build with apollo but when it comes to video this definetely has a huge impact.
Will see if that improves i the upcoming beta of apollo.

Please give comments if you like the changes, have suggestions or bug reports.

Download RichFLV (Rename extension to .air if it downloads as a zip file)
Download Apollo Runtime (Alpha Version)

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72 thoughts on “RichFLV – Apollo app updated

  1. When you will open a file on a OsX Mac system, the Apollo applicaction quits without any errors.

  2. @Sven: Yes that`s a known issue. I can not really test this as i don`t have a mac ;-(
    I hope that this is related to the alpha status of the apollo runtime and will be fixed for the beta that should be out soon.

  3. On my macbook pro with macosx 10.4.9 installed it works great.

    Are you planning on allowing people to annotate cuepoints? If not does anyone know of an flex/apollo app which can annotate cue points? I am also looking for one that can do sound(mp3) files.

    Rock on dude!

  4. @Jonathan:Could you explain what you mean by “annotate cuepoints”?

  5. I see the new features…what exactly does RichFLV do in the first place?

  6. Very nice, in Mac OS 10.4.9. The most obvious thing missing is being able to size it to exactly 100% of the original pixel dimensions, so the picture can be accurately assessed.

  7. @Kearney: Good idea! I have made a silent update (.3.1). Under Options you`ll now find a new menu item “Scale Video” which by default is set. If you want to see your video at the original 100% just unmark this option.

  8. Hi, this looks like a great program, however when I followed the link to the alpha version of AIR, I had to download the beta version. When i double click on the renamed zip richflv file (richflv.air), it says that it is no longer supported… Help please!

  9. @Dazza: I will upload updated air files for beta 1 in the next couple of days.

  10. hi, really nice app.

    i’ve got a video with keyframes every 5 seconds that i want to cut a couple of seconds off the start of so that it syncronises properly with another video (lecturer and screen scrape). is there a way of doing this? My guess is that the app would need to be able to create new keyframes first and can’t do that (yet)?

  11. Hey,

    Sehr coole Arbeit, ich hätte da mal eine Frage bezüglich flex und der cue points, vielleicht können wir das per email klären?

    Gruß Florian

  12. great tool, one suggestion, when saving files could it keep the original filename and directory path with _ at the end. Cheers ;j

  13. Really nice work! I would like to learn more about how you inject the FLV bytes into a SWF. Can you provide any advice or source code in this area?

    Best, Justin

  14. I tried it, it opened the flv file fine, i overlayed an mp3 and exported the new flv… and it ran at double time… how do I fix this?

  15. Whoops fixed that with resampling the audio… but when i export, it shaves off the first 3 seconds of (audio/video)… what could be the problem

  16. Wonderful program, but I’m getting an error now when trying to start RichFLV:

    “This Application requires a version of the Adobe Apollo runtime which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version”

    …So there you go.

  17. Hallo Benjamin,

    Great stuff you’re making there – thanks a lot!

    I have one question: I want to cut an flv file. I know how to do it, but it would be great help if I could actually SEE the frame I’m inserting the cut in and out marker, so that I can know exactly what I’m cutting.

    Is there a trick to do that, that is to cut visually with precision?

    Thanks a lot.


  18. doesn’t seem to work on Adobe AIR beta 2 (released 1st Oct 07)

    “This Application requires a version of the Adobe Apollo runtime which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version”

    Any chance of an updated version?

  19. This app is awesome! It does exactly what I was after. I can’t wait to see what future releases will do, but in the meantime thanks so much for sharing this.

  20. I’m not sure how to use it. After installed Adobe AIR and extracted the RichFLV, I found no application to launch. How do I use it? I can find Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 either.


    first time user

  21. Error:
    This application requries a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

  22. Great Program!

    Is there a way to add keyframes?
    My problem is that only half of the video comes up with keyframes.

  23. It’s Great! Thanks.

    I’ve got a request here-can you make RichFlv edit/create META tags?

    Normally, this would not be necessary since presumably there are META tags which contain the correct information.

    But some FLV files which are encoded from other video files or for some reason do not contain META tags.

    I would be glad if you could help me out.


  24. Hallo,

    sehr sehr gute Arbeit ! Respekt.

    Sag mal, da ich für mich soetwas ähnliches mache, hast du eine Idee für mich, wie ich bei einem Flashfile *.flv ausßerhalb des Puffers springen kann? JW Player kann das Wunderbar, doch wie realisiert man das in Adobe Flex ?

    Ich habe lighttpd am laufen, der das unterstützt.

    Währe Klasse, wenn du einen Ansatz für mich hast.

  25. Hi,
    Compliments for this nice piece of software.
    I noticed that Adobe Air Beta 1 has expired today and RichFLV does not work with Beta 2. Do you have plans for an update?

  26. This is a great program. However, it stopped working today saying that the version of Apollo it is using is no longer support.

    I realize you are going to update it when a new installer comes out, but is there a way just to get it working again with beta 1?

  27. I’ve just changed the date in my computer and Air beta 1 worked, thus RichFlv worked too! :) lucky me I didn’t updated to beta 2 or 3…

    wonderful too Benjamin! Looking foward to see the update to beta 3!


  28. This software really help me to increase volume of sound after I encoded my videos to flash videos.
    Thanks a lot.

  29. Great application, I am looking to setup a similar application but for online use. Is the application using a new feature of air to export the flv or is this a feature of Flash 9? Would you be able to do this online? if you could point me to any resources that would be great.

  30. I have the latest version of AIR installed on Windows XP and Mac 10.5.2. RichFLV would not install on either operating system. “This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer availible…” Any ideas? Will there be an update?

    Everyone is raving about how great this application is… I’d love to see it.

  31. brilliant. thanks so much for building this. for super quick cutting of flv files it’s pretty amazing (and fast!).

  32. Hi…

    I have a FLV that has very few keyframes. I add cue points, but they don’t show up when they should… instead, they all show up at the same time.

    Could it be because there is no keyframe at the cue point position ? Does RichFLV add a keyframe on every cue points ?


  33. I would like to use Air to run your application.

    I tried installing Air from this page 4 times. (I am logged in as admin)

    After I downloaded it I ran the installer and it said it was successful.

    But when I double click RichFLV.air it can’t find Air to open it. I can’t seem to find air to open it. When I try to look for it manually I can’t find in under programs under the Adobe folder.

    I uninstalled and installed it again – I reboot too.

    Where is this program location on Vista?

  34. cutting slider is not working properly. left side always snaps to keyframes. can’t be adjusted to any other position than keyframe points.

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