RichFLV updated

I`ve updated RichFLV to fix a bug that affected a lot of users. So everyone that had problems with importing files that stuck at 100% analyzed should be happy about this release. Go and update here:


Let me know if it fixes this specific problem for you

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9 thoughts on “RichFLV updated

  1. Hi. Do you have a simple “how to get started” for a non-tecchie, like me? Basically, I just want to split the video files I have into chunks of between 40 seconds and one minute, keeping the sound in synch, but I don’t know where to start!
    It looks like it should be easy with the clean look of your application. My son could work it out in an hour or much less probably…but he isn’t here!

  2. Hi, i’ve a problem with large FLV files (more than 400 Mb)… It’s very fast to read, but it stops at 0% analysed…
    Is there a solution?

  3. Sorry but this version was not made for large files. I would say 200mb is the maximum where is makes sense.
    I have the code ready for much larger files but no time to turn it into something one could release. Sorry.

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