One more update to RichFLV

Just another bugfix for RichFLV which fixes a problem where the cue point data was not added to the onMetadata object.
This is the last update for today promised 😉

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17 thoughts on “One more update to RichFLV

  1. This program was working and I used it to split 2 hour long flv files so I could fit them on DVD. It worked fine for the first two exports….

    Now every time I go to import a file, it reads to about 80% then the application randomly closes. It happens every single time now.

    Any ideas why?

  2. How does one extract a portion of a FLV video?

    I see how to set the two cue points (enable the Options > “Create New Cuepoint At Playhead Position” option, then click the “+” button for each cue point).

    But then how do I save the portion of the video between the two cue points? When I do Export > FLV, it exports the entire video, not just the area between the two cue points.

  3. @x: the cuePoints are not ther to cut the flv. They can contain metadata that`s injected into the video. To cut the flv you can use the red marks at the bottom of the timeline.

  4. Hi Benjamin,

    First off thanks for the update!
    I did found a bug on Mac (10.5) then you click the preview video, the video x0 and y0 position is attached to the mouse where you click. Is there a place where i can submit this bug? Or send you a screenshot of this bug?

    And i’ve also been folloing the discussion on zero point nine, the FLV Writer Class. I have noticed when you write an FLV, you files are realy small. Some questions about this:
    – What kind of compression do you use?
    – How do you use the compression? Do you compress the Bitmap data with ZLIB? Please assist.

    I dont need code, but can you direct me some resources on how to do the compression when writing FLV files to disk. Help would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance and keep up the cool projects!

    Sidney de Koning, The Netherlands

  5. I have a feature idea!

    It vould be nicice to be able to copy all cue points to metadata! This helps when streaming video is used! I can do it manualy but an option to copy cue points to metadata would be nice

  6. @dmekinda: What do your mean by “copy all the cue points to metadata” ? Do you mean list them in the onMetaData object? They should be there already – if not it`s a bug :-(
    Or do you mean something else?

  7. sorry it looks I did not explain

    On my wowza server onMetadata of corse reads them.
    But in streaming environment you can not read cue points in advance and jump to one if you only know name (not the time) of the cue point. So the only way is to declare all cue points in metadata!

  8. is there a way to download the .air file without having to click on the install button that demands I download and install Adobe Air? I already have Adobe Air installed and working perfectly. Some sites have the .air files available to download without going through an unnecessary hoop first. Maybe it is just because I am on Linux and the install button does not recognise the Adobe Air installation? Please make the .air file available directly for download.

  9. ….Richapps was hacked by some turkish political group.
    When trying to install RichFLV.air I get an Adobe Air warning about
    Publisher UNKNOWN
    System Access UNRESTRICTED

    Seems very high risk to install RichFLV.air — any comments

  10. The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.

  11. Benjamin, THANK YOU for the bug fixes about the cuepoints! I’m the guy who wrote you a few months back – cheers!

    John A

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