Vote for Google Data API crossdomain.xml!

Ever tried to access some of the google data apis like for example analytics data export?
Because of the new header restrictions introduced in Flash Player 9 it`s no fun.
If you think it needs to change please vote for a crossdomain.xml on googles server: (click the small star on the top left)


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7 thoughts on “Vote for Google Data API crossdomain.xml!

  1. I ran into this problem, but now I use a PHP wrapper class for Google Analytics which bypasses the Flash Player’s restrictions.

    I remember reading that Google added crossdomain.xml to a different google service (can’t remember which), so there’s a good chance that they will add one for Analytics as well.

  2. Agree, borrrrinnnnggggg! even for parsing RSS coming from, kaboom!

    Why?? Whereas we can easily use javascript, not Flash??

  3. Can’t you just proxy the call to the resource via your server host? I’ve done this many times with other mashups and facebook/myspace apps which are hosted on their servers. You can put some server side code in to prevent abuse (for example, someone else using your service to serve up their own content). Again, it’s a pattern I’ve used many times in the past and am wondering why that wouldn’t be a possibility here.

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