Adobe AIR Camp source files

I´m back from the Adobe AIR Camp in Dinant (Belgium). It was a really cool event with extremely interested and motivated people.
It was nice to see how quick people were able to build applications even if they had never used AIR before.
Cudos to Serge Jespers from Adobe Beneluxe (The Mike Chambers of Europe ;-)) for putting so much effort into organizing a perfect event – and for inviting me.

If you`re interested you can get the source files of my talk here and the PDF here.
I`ve uploaded some photos to flickr. See them here.

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3 thoughts on “Adobe AIR Camp source files

  1. hello Benz,I am learning your “AnalyseMp3” source code. There are some qustions I hope you could help me out.
    In the
    public function frameSize():int {
    switch (layerDescription) {
    case 3: return (12 * getBitRate() / getSampleRate() + (paddingBit ? 1: 0)) * 4;
    case 2:
    case 1: if (audioVersionId == 3) { return 144 * getBitRate() / getSampleRate()+ (paddingBit ? 1 : 0);} else {
    return 72 * getBitRate() / getSampleRate()+ (paddingBit ? 1 : 0);}
    return -1;

    My question:
    1: Why is 12,144 and 72?
    2: Is (paddingBit ? 1 : 0) this expression as same as “paddingBit” itself?

    Sorry for my poor English. Wait for your answers.
    Best wishes for Thanksgiving Day.

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